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Dig Issue 90 Video Teaser

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“Issue 90 of our newly revamped and redesigned DIG is now available and our very own Peter Adam put together this video trailer with some actual excerpts from their magazine interviews and some photos past and present. In this issue we’re bringing you some of the people, places, and events that have inspired and shaped BMX and our magazine since our first issue in 1993. To mark this occasion we’ve produced four collectable covers featuring Brian Foster, Ruben Alcantara, Joe Rich, and Van Homan; all legends of the modern era.”Dig

South Korea Slide Show

“South Korea… what a treat. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I virtually knew nothing about SK before going there 2 weeks ago. Though that doesn’t make me particularly happy, I can honestly say that I love going places that I have no idea what to expect. Well, fellow T1er, Joseph Frans, and myself made the Trans-Pacific journey on the 23rd of August, only to arrive in a place that we will never forget. Always impossible to put this all into words, so I thought a nice little slide show would be a good representation of our visit. I got hurt riding vert on the 3rd day, so riding was cut short, as well as my ability to get “out and about”. But . . . we had a blast to none the less. Thank you so much to Boosung, Ross, Jin, Randolph, and David from ISAW. We will be back for Round 2 one day. Enjoy!”– Joe Rich

New DIG Covers, Issue 90

The all new DIG issue, issue 90, has not one but four covers. One features Brian Foster as you can see above and the other three Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara and Van Homan – check them after the jump.
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DIG “High Fives” – Joe Rich

Find out which are Joe Rich’s top 5 countries he traveled to, top 5 vegetables, top 5 bands, top 5 spots, top 5 video sections, top 5 movies and top 5 reasons why he is still passionate about T-1 and BMX here.

Joe Rich & The T1 Ramp Interview

Terrible One just turn 10 years of age so Ride took the opportunity to make an interview with no other than Joe Rich. If you would like to get a little history of it, who was the man behind the design, who are the riders Joe is most stoked that rode the ramp and more, click here.

Joe Rich Bike Check

Joe Rich posted his current Terrible One Barcode setup up on Terrible One’s Facebook page with a few words to go along with it:
“After seeing the “Crazy Weeks” post that is going on with Unleaded in France, it inspired me to put up this pic of my Barcode I shot a few days ago. I love this thing, my bike has never felt better :)”

Frame 1 – Joe Rich Interview (1998)

Benjamin Geronimi uploaded Joe Rich’s interview from back in 1998 that was made by French video magazine Frame 1, pretty much about the new and upcoming Terrible 1. So good.

Joe Rich Interview

Guys over at Clicked BMX made a really good interview with 37-year old Joe Rich. He talks about the time when he started riding, injuries, Terrible One, top 3 riders, plus tons of other stuff.

Joe Rich Bike Check

Joe Rich has his custom painted Terrible 1 21” Barcode set-up up on ESPN. If you didn’t know Joe was also X-Games 17 park and street judge.

T-1 “Spanish Roast”

T-1 ” Spanish Roast “ from joe rich on Vimeo.

“As sort of a “farewell” to Tom, we bring you this . . . Tom Dugan and I visited Ruben at home in Malaga back in May of this year. We both happened to be in the UK at the same time, and Spain was just too close to pass up. Ruben always seems to have some new, wild spot that he has been working on. He roped us both in with tales of green valleys, that are home to giant dirt curvatures. Yeah, we had to go see for ourselves. What is it with Malaga and these spots anyhow ?! Thank you Ruben for the great days we shared…”– Joe Rich