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Joe Tiseo 2013 Memorial Jam Highlights

A collection of some of the best moments from the Joe Tiseo 2013 Memorial Jam that went down in Bloomfield, New Jersey, featuring Mike Hoder, Jeff Kocsis, Nigel Sylvester, Grant Germain, Charlie Crumlish and more. May you rest in piece Joe Tiseo.
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2013 Tiseo Jam Photo Gallery

The Tiseo memorial jam went down yesterday at the Joe Tiseo Memorial Park in Bloomfield, New Jersey and by the looks at photos over on Animal Bikes site, it sure was a great day, full of free pizzas. Check them out and remember Joe even if you were not been there.

Props Issue 37 – NJ Scene Report

Another classic video from Props. They dropped the New Jersey scene report from the Issue 37, that was filmed somewhere in 2000 on the streets, skateparks and trails around the city with Ralph Sinisi, Joe Tiseo, Grimaldo Durran, Bob Scerbo, George Dossantos, Brian Tunney, Garrett Byrnes, Keith Terra and more. It is so awesome watching stuff I watched all the time back when I was just getting in the sport.
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Chris Silva NJ / NY Photo Journal

Last month Chris Silva went to New Jersey to spent a week with Jeff Kocsis. During the week he went on an Animal shop visit to Ohio, spent some time with Steven Hamilton, cruise around New York, went to the Joe Tiseo Jam and more. In that time he snapped a bunch of cool photos that you can check here.

10th Anniversary Tiseo Jam

A bunch of photos from 10th anniversary Tiseo jam that took place this past Saturday in Joe’s hometown of Bloomfield, NJ. Go to Animal site to check them out.

Remembering Joe Tiseo

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Today ten years ago the legend Joe Tiseo was killed in a motorcycle accident. I still remember watching his parts from Animal DQYDJ and Props Road Fools 8 when I was a kid and being impressed by his riding. Head over to ESPN to read extensive article about Joe.
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10th Anniversary Joe Tiseo/Animal Jam

On September 3rd a 10th anniversary Joe Tiseo/Animal jam will took place at Bloomfield skatepark. If you are near go there to hang out with the guys and get some free food and stuff. Read to check full sized flier.
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