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Joel Barnett – Summer’s Over

Summer’s Over. from Joel Barnett on Vimeo.

Joel Barnett was extremely busy over the past months, but still somehow managed to film this solid mainly skatepark edit, to end the summer time in style. Quite heavy music in the background and tons of solid stuff in front. Last over smith grind to hard 180 on a rail was dope.
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Fit – Tom Dugan And Co In Kansas

Fit’s Shawn McIntosh, Jared Swafford, Dan Conway and Joel Barnett took a trip to Tom Dugan’s homeland of Kansas a few weeks ago to get some shredding done at Tom’s local concrete skatepark. They ended up the trip with a nice collection of footage, which is now ready for you to check out. Plenty of goodness in here. Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson.
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Joel Barnett Bike Check

Fit threw together a few photos of Joel Barnett’s current whip, along with some action shots and of course the parts list for you guys to get a closer look at his VH3 setup.

Fit “Kansas In The Can”

Fit is currently working on a new DVD and their recent trip was to homeland of Tom Dugan, Kansas. Stew Johnson snapped a few photos of Tom, Jared Swafford, Shawn McIntosh, Dan Conway and Joel Barnett, that you can now check in the flipbook above.

Fit – Dan Conway And Joel Barnett At Louisville Skatepark

Fit’s Dan Conway and Joel Barnett are on the way to Kansas for a team trip and on the way they stopped at the Louisville, KY concrete skatepark for a quick session. There were some rough moments, but both of the guys came out with some solid riding, big, tech and smooth.
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#1113 By Nathan Williams

Nathan Williams, Shade Weston, Joel Barnett, Andrew White and other having tons of fun at this flat rail spot in front of the #1113 house in Nashville, Tennessee. A couple really hot ones in here with a dope 180 drop off a roof.
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New Dig Cover, Issue 94

The 94th issue of the Dig magazine, the video issue, is out now. On the cover, Lil Pat Morse, Joel Barnett, and Shane Weston getting to work in Nashville. If you are into filming, or you just wanna read some good contest, you should grab a copy.

Props Issue 74 – FBM Roadtrip

If you are bored and it’s raining outside and you don’t feel learning or doing your homework like me, then here we have the FBM Roadtrip video from the Props Issue 74. Featuring Adam Guilliams, Tom Blyth, Joel Barnett, Kenny Horton, Garrett Guilliams and Steven Crandall getting tons of really really amazing things done in and around New England. Seat back, relax and enjoy.
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Joel Barnett – Cranx Rehab

This park looks just so much fun.
“In December 2011, Joel Barnett had surgery to repair his torn ACL on his right knee. While he was down and out, Fit Bike Co. help him put together a brand new ride to get him rolling again as he healed. During the same period, Cranx bike park sprung out of the ground and with the new ramps right down the street, he began the long process of building strength up in his knee again. This footage is the most recent riding that we’ve captured as he begins to fully recover from the surgery.
Joel would like to thank Van Homan and Stew Johnson at Fit Bike Co., Dale Cruce at Cranx Bike, Brien Kielb at Sparky’s, and Nuno at Odyssey.”
– Korey Kryder
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Joel Barnett Bike Check

Another bike check from Megatour 10. This time it is FBM’s Joel Barnett bike so head over to Props to check what he is riding.