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Joey Gough 2013 Edit

Joey Gough 2013 Edit from joeybmx on Vimeo.

How many times you see a female racer who is also shredding trails with style? Not many. Joey Gough is having fun on the bike for 30 years now and it looks like she is not stopping. This is freaking awesome.
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New York Trails Trip 2013

Joey Gough put together this awesome little documentary from a weekend trip to New York trails. This video is a really good example what BMX is all about, friends, having fun, laughing and shredding them bikes. Check it out.

Gate 23 Trails

Trails riders watch out for this really fun Gate 23 Trails that Joey Gough recently hit, to get a session done with Ben Osborne, Fred Newton and Tom Elvin. Good times and good times only. That’s what’s up. Filmed with the Drift camera.
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