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A Minute With Jon Root

This is just one minute long web edit of Jon Root and includes a few crashes, attempts and some damn serious moves, especially that last one. You don’t see a tailwhip to double footjam, with switching foots every day. Enjoy.
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#midweekweekend Edit

Pretty rad web edit featuring Pijin riders Jon Root and Jordan Aleppo. These two got lucky and got a chance to ride Seventies’ and 4Down’s private ramps and managed ti film all bunch of really good stuff. The footjam tailwhip to footjam tailwhip with switching legs in between from Jon was great.
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Jon Root At Kings Park

Pijin BMX’s team rider Jon Root visited Kings skatepark the other day for his first time and even if this park is weird because every transition is different, he nailed down some serious footjam moves. Truck to footjam to whip to ice bonk on a quarter is my favorite.
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Jon Root – A Day At Motion

“Me and Jon went to back Motion, a few days after he came 3rd in the NASS qualifier, to start filming an edit for Pijin bike shop. The day was eventful to say the least with Jon snapping his cranks before we started filming and then snapping his frame 4 hours later. This is what we had managed to film in the time we were there, a casual day for Jon.”– Greg Childs
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