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Jordan Aleppo Welcome To Demolition UK

Demolition Parts: Jordan Aleppo Welcome Edit from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

As park of the UK week that Demolition will have up on their web site this week, they would like to welcome Jordan Aleppo as their first new UK team rider. Jordan did an amazing job with filming for his welcome to the team edit and it includes several pretty unreal nose manuals along with other technical stunts. Hit play and enjoy in some street madness from Aleppo.
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10 Years Of Blue Mayhem “Part 1”

South Coast BMX dropped the first part of the 10 Years Of Blue Mayhem video to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their local blue skatepark. A lot of good stuff in here, but I think everyone will agree with me, that Jordan Aleppo is the highlights in here (riding-wise).
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NASS 2013 Practice Highlights

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Practice highlights from the NASS 2013 event are here, brought to you by people over at the Ride UK. Some insane stuff already went down from Alex Coleborn, Dean Cueson, Jack Clarke, Jordan Aleppo, Logan Martin, Matt Priest, Mike Curley, Ryan Taylor, Todd Meyn and Tom Justice. This is going to be one wild weekend, NASS 2013 and BMX Worlds in Germany.
Oh, if you missed Curley’s nose manual show scroll down.
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South Coast BMX “Trailer 2”

Here is the second trailer for the upcoming South Coast BMX video, that should be out this summer. There are shots of some really insane riding in here and since it comes from the UK and features riders like Jordan Aleppo and Niki Croft, you know it is going to be insane.
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Jordan Aleppo Stay Strong Ad

Jordan Aleppo with a really dope up double peg grind to nose manual to 180 line for Stay Strong’s latest print ad that can be found in the current issue of the Ride BMX magazine. You can watch the clip of this line in his latest web edit.

Federal BMX – Stevie Churchill And Jordan Aleppo At Our House

Now this is retarded. Federal BMX riders Stevie Churchill and Jordan Aleppo got together at the Seventies’ Our House indoor ramp facility and went completely out of control. Both of them threw down endless crazy trick combinations and lines. It really is ridiculous how much they pulled, from wild 360 tailwhip drops, to 720s and combos like over double peg grind to hop over to manual to 180. Must freaking see. Filmed and edited by Mike King.
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A Weekend With Jordan Aleppo

Just spotted this one and I knew, before even clicking the play button, that I (and all of you) will enjoy it. If you spent a weekend with Jordan Aleppo something like this may happen. Jordan is a very skilled rider, constantly progressing and bringing out new tricks and lines. Watch it and enjoy it.
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Mellon 7’s – Jordan Aleppo

We are back with a new quick Mellon 7’s interview. This time we caught up with Bexhill, UK based rider Jordan Aleppo. He had a pretty bad back injury some time ago and has a good sense of humor, so read it after the jump and watch his latest Stay Strong web edit.
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Stay Strong – Jordan Aleppo 2013 Edit

I must admit that I was really waiting for something fresh to drop from Stay Strong’s Jordan Aleppo and here it is. This new one is pure fire and full of really good street moves. The last long nose manual and the 180 to smith to cab nose manual were the highlights for me. Enjoy.
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#midweekweekend Edit

Pretty rad web edit featuring Pijin riders Jon Root and Jordan Aleppo. These two got lucky and got a chance to ride Seventies’ and 4Down’s private ramps and managed ti film all bunch of really good stuff. The footjam tailwhip to footjam tailwhip with switching legs in between from Jon was great.
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