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Jordan Capece – September Clips

Jordan Capece has been busy over the month of September (actually, he is busy all the freaking time) stacking clip for this new piece. Tons of solid stuff in here, some with use of freecoaster and some with a regular cassette hub. Hit play and check this kid in action above.
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Jordan Capece “Pixelation” Edit

Jordan Capece is on fire lately. Not long ago he came out with the Money edit, which was pretty much all street edit, and now he is out with Pixelation edit, which is a park edit influenced by street riding. Great pegs use, barspins, 360s and more stuff. There is also a hang 5 type of a move on a scooter in here.
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Jordan Capece’s “Money” Edit

Jordan Capece with a four and a half minutes long street edit, which last minute is the bonus section, including pulled, unpulled and attempting tricks. Jordan came out pretty solid with this one, nailing down all bunch of goodness worth checking out.
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Jordan Capece And Jake Hudock Throw Away Clips

Jordan Capece and Jake Hudock are 15 years old brothers from another mother, both having a great style of riding, both loving to put pegs to some good use and both enjoying the fun of BMX. Oh, and all these are throw away clips filmed in just two days.
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Jordan Capece & Joey Ide At Underwood Skatepark

These two, Jordan Capece and Joey Ide, are two Underwood indoor skatepark locals, who both know every inch of it. They wanted to come out with one more edit before the year ends and they did. They filmed some dope stuff over there and this split edit was made. Enjoy.
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Jordan Capece October Mix

Young Pennsylvania rider Jordan Capece has been busy filming clips over the month of October for this new “Mix” edit. This kid is 14 or 15 years old and is already getting down some solid street shredding. Press play and enjoy watching this youngster.

Jordan Capece Edit

Jordan Capece is only 14 years old kid from Nescopeck, Pennsylvania, who is already killing it pretty hard, with opposite barspins, double barspins, turndowns and 180 bars over spines.
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