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Joris Coulomb Welcome To Shadow Conspiracy

This welcome to the team edit has been cooking since September last year and it is finally done and ready to watch. It was definitely worth the wait, because all this clips from Shadow Conspiracy’s newest addition to the team, Joris Coulomb, are so damn good. I simply love his opposite barspins, look so clean.
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Marie Jade – Fish 2 Grammont

Marie Jade riders Alex Valentino, Joris Coulomb, Max Terrason and Remi Dumoulin had a few really powerful sessions at the skatepark in Grammont, France recently (well, not actually recently, I think back in the summer or fall will be better to say). All of these guys really killed it with some amazing lines and trick combos. It is crazy seeing Joris riding pretty much all the time in the opposite way. I also need to mention all the rest of riders, Alex, Max and Remi, because this new Marie Jade edit really made me stoked. Damn, it’s snowing outside, so no BMX for me today, but before tomorrow’s session I know I will be watching this one for one more time. Watch and enjoy in some French action. All this was filmed and edited by Cedric De Rodot.
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Shadow Conspiracy X QBMX – SoCal Shop Stop

A few months ago The Shadow Conspiracy teamed up with their distributor QBMX and took Trey Jones, Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Albert Mercado, Seth Kimbrough and Joris Coulomb on a tour through SoCal visiting various shops. They made several stops, shred with locals and here is a collection of clips they managed to film. Good shredding, good times.
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Shadow X QBMX SoCal Kill Tour

In the first week of November Shadow Conspiracy crew, including Seth Kimbrough, Trey Jones, Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Albert Mercado and Joris Coulomb, is going to southern California for for a KIL Shop Tour in conjunction with QBMX. Find more on the flier above.

Chut! – Acte I, Montpellier

If you want to spent quality seven minutes behind your computer today, than you need to watch Marie Jade’s Chut! – Acte I, Montpellier video. This one features so much amazing street riding from Joris Coulomb, Nicolas Badet, Alex Valentino, Nicolas Terrez, Renaud Coquillon, Remi Dumoulin, Remy Masset, Benjamin Perrier, Tommy Lauque, Anthony Perrin, Rolland Pellegrin and Theo Zannettacci. The nose manual to 180 at 4:22 is unbelievable. I never saw someone popping out of a nose manual so high. Must see.
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Joris Coulomb On Shadow & Subrosa + Bike Check

Big news from Joris Coulomb. After leaving Proper he now got a new spot on Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa. Check some photos of him here and a bike check that he just built here.

Alex Platt & Joris Coulomb Off Proper

Big news from Proper. Alex Platt and Joris Coulomb left the company. Where there will be more new on where this guys are going now, will have them all up here.

Ride To Glory 2012 – Proper

More BMX Videos
Proper’s Mike Miller, Shaun Jinks, Max Wood, Jamie Guile and Joris Coulomb shredding street and some park for Ride To Glory 2012. If you thinkg this is the best edit for you, click here and vote for it.
“Team Proper in their laid back style cruised over to Europe and got more Google Earth spots ticked off than you could shake a stick at…”
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Kevin Kalkoff Presents: By The Lake

Official video highlights from the By The Lake contest that was hosted by Van’s Kevin Kalkoff two weeks ago in Annecy, France. Really really great riding from Matt Priest, Matt Roe, Ben Hennon, Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Alex Valentino and many more.
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Proper – Joris Coulomb BSH Edit

Joris Coulomb recently (actually a month ago) built a fresh new Proper BSH bike in gun metal grey and decided to film a new edit at his hometown of Strasbourg to say thanks. I always enjoy watching Joris ride.
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