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Wild Night Contest By EC/DC

Here are some of the highlights from the recent Wild Night Contest that went down somewhere in France, I guess. Watch all bunch of amazing riding from Mark Webb, Daniel Panafiel, Tobias Wicke, Joris Coulomb and more. Enjoy.
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Marie Jade – Joris Coulomb & Arnaud Wolff / BCN Warm Up

Marie Jade’s Joris Coulomb and Arnaud Wolff went to Barcelona, Spain for a month with Simone Barraco over the winter, to escape the cold weather in France. Above is a warm up edit filmed at some of the crazy spots that Barcelona is offering. If this is a warm up, what can we expect next?
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Take It AZ

Take it AZ from AW on Vimeo.

These are the leftover clips from Joris Coulomb’s and Arnaud Wolff’s recent trip to Tempe, Arizona. Even if these are the leftovers I really enjoyed watching it, because these two completely destroyed the place.
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Joris “JoCo” Coulomb Bike Check

Here is just a shot of the current Joris Coulomb’s aka JoCo’s whip.

Proper – Joris Coulomb EZ AZ

Joris Coulomb EZ AZ from IMG TV on Vimeo.

Joris Coulomb traveled to Arizona with his friend Arnaud to spent some time with Shane Rieder and Greg Moliterno. Greg, who also stood behind the lens, drove Joris to street spots and this is what they managed to film. So good.
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Two Days In Strasbourg

Two day in Strasbourg from AW on Vimeo.

A two sunny days long session with Joris Coulomb, Arnaud Wolff and Loris Aubry at the Strasbourg’s skatepark, filmed with iPhone 4. Enjoy while the riders are pulling some nice combos.
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Marie Jade – BCN Warm It Up Teaser

Marie Jade’s Arnaud Wolff and Joris Coulomb are in Barcelona right now escaping the cold temperatures in Strasbourg. Here is a teaser of their upcoming split edit, Warm It Up.
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Joris Coulomb Nike 6.0 Ad

Check out the new Nike 6.0 ad with French Joris Coulomb, that is featured in Soul Mag. Big tuck.

Joris Coulomb On Quintin

Joris Coulomb has been added to Quintin’s French team.

Season Bikes – Arnaud Wolff And Joris Coulomb

SeasonBikes AW & JC Brotherhood from Season Bikes on Vimeo.

Arnaud Wolff and Joris Coulomb made a split edit for Season Bikes at an indoor skatepark when the lights where out and the reflectors were on. This two have lot of skills, from flairs to both side barspins and grinds and trucks. Enjoy.