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Josh Betley – Goodbye To The Team

Josh Betley: Goodbye to the Team – More BMX Videos

We don’t see a goodbye edit very often, well almost never. Josh Betley lost shoe sponsor Osiris and bike sponsor Felt and he just could not get away from them without saying a proper goodbye. So he decided to film stuff his own way, the super creative way. Hit it.
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Josh Betley And Dan Quinn At Relish Havasu

Josh Betley & Dan Quinn Relish Havasu – More BMX Videos

Josh Betley and Dan Quinn hit up the new Relish Havasu skatepark to get some riding done, but unfortunately Dan took a pretty nasty crash that took him to the hospital. Still both, Josh and Dan, nailed down some really sweet and hot moves while trying to avoid that massive crowd.
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Josh Betley And Dan Quinn At Craig Ranch

Josh Betley & Dan Quinn Ride Las Vegas’ Amazing New Park – More BMX Videos

There was a new skatepark built in Las Vegas and they named it Craig Ranch. Josh Betley and Dan Quinn quickly headed over there to get a session done and here it is, just for you, to make you jealous and to make you start making plans to take a trip over there. Lot of technical stuff in here from both of the guys.
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Felt BMX – Josh Betley And Zak Early In Portland

Josh Betley and Zak Early spent a week in Portland to promote and be part of the Felt BMX 2014 complete bikes launch/celebration/session at the Lumberyard. First half of the web edit is from the “party” and the second is from the time they spent cruising and hitting spots around the Portland area.
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Potent Imagery – Cali 2 Flori Trailer

Leander Rominger and Dschu Choo Dzu did a lot of travelling. First they spent a month in China and than they travelled to the States for six months, bought an RV and took a trip from the westcoast to the eastcoast. Along the road they meet a lot of people and this video will be some kind of documentary, documenting their trip. Featuring Leander, Dschu, Moritz Nussbaumer, Josh Betley, Daniel Tünte, Eddie Welsh and many more. Video drops late 2013.
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Josh Betley And The Homies – Back To Deutchlandia

Every year Felt’s German Distributor, Sport Import, invites Josh Betley to Germany and this year he stayed there for a month to chill, to travel around the country, to ride and to enjoy every day to the fullest (even if it was a rainy day). Plenty of good riding spots in here along with clips from Josh himself, Brian Sadecki, Jacob Panzek, Dennis Kicza, Timm Wiegmann, Fabian Bader, Moritz Nussbaumer and Sergio.
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Felt Bikes – JB And The Homies – RV Across America

Back in January some Germans (Moritz Nussbaumer, Daniel Tünte, Reto Rominger and Steezy D) and Josh Betley went on a trip across America in a RV, to sher different spots, to eat burritos, to chill, to party and just to enjoy the life on the road. Here is a little something from the trip and it looks like these guys had tons of fun.
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Forgotten Footage Mix

Forgotten Footage Mix – More BMX Videos

Vital threw together a really dope “Forgotten Footage Mix”, that includes riding clips that weren’t used before from Josh Betley, John Hicks, Iz Pulido, Andrew Castaneda, Mark Rubio, Dan Norvell and more. Now press that play button lads.
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Josh Betley And Paint

Josh Betley and Paint – More BMX Videos

Are you bored with the color of you bike? You wanna do something unique and original so your friends will be jealous? Is your answer yes? Josh Betley came up with a pretty cool idea how to paint your bike and it is called the Rosenthal method. Watch it above and than be creative.
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Sport Import – Best Of Mixtape

Dominik Wrobel from Woozy threw together this best of mixtape in the name of Sport Import, including all the best clips filmed over 2012 from Josh Betley, Tobias Wicke, Moritz Nussbaumer, Sergej Geier, Timm Wiegmann, Simon Moratz and many more.