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Empire BMX – Hoss’s House

Empire BMX dropped this rad new edit from a backyard ramp setup featuring Dylan Smith, Tom Smith, Chase Hawk, Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Justin Kee, Hanson Little, Mat Houck, Josh Dissinger, Devin Fredlund, Ryan Smith and Nathan Hostick. That 360 over the fence from Dugan was pretty insane.
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Federal BMX – Josh Dissinger Edit

Josh Dissinger started filming for his welcome to Federal BMX web edit last year, but due to a broken angle and leg he needed to postponed the filming. Now when he got back in the game and is fully recovered, he filmed a few more clips to end this new (welcome) edit. Josh riders concrete and streets in here and does some really cool looking footjam to fakies, especially the one on the (sub) rail. Dude is a shredder and you will gonna enjoy this one.
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Pflugerville Session

This is one fun looking skate plaza/skatepark that was not long ago built just a few minutes outside town of Pflugerville. Jared Swafford, Matt Nordstrom, Josh Dissinger, Kyle Davenport, Lucas Dartford, Akin Francis and Tayson Replogle had an all day session at this place recently and managed to film all this great clips.
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Josh Dissinger & Kyle Davenport February 2012

Josh Dissinger & Kyle Davenport February 2012 from Higher Creative on Vimeo.

Just a random sunny afternoon in February at the House park in Austin, TX with Josh Dissinger and Kyle Davenport.
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Vclub Skatepark Edit 2011

Vclub riders Josh Dissinger, Kyle Davenport, Andy Martinez and Devin Fredlund ahving some fun at the new skatepark in Austin, Texas.
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