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Chris Silva – Quiet Afternoon At Joyride 150

Chris Silva – Solo in Joyride from Embassy on Vimeo.

It was a really quite afternoon at Joyride 150 one day, so Chris Silva and Peter Almeida decided to get some filming done and this is what they got. Chris does not ride with pegs, but that does not mean he is not grinding. He grinds a lot and he kills it with his pegless style of grinding. Chris Silva is a pretty creative dude and we always enjoy watching him shred. Wouldn’t be sick having Joyrdie 150 indoor ramp facility all for yourself? Man that would be so so sick. The place is amazing and this “skate-plaza” section of the park is so much fun.
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Joel Bondu – Joyride 150 Session

Joel Bondu took a trip to Montreal with his friends for a few days to ride the Joyride 150 indoor skatepark and on the very last day, they decided to get some filming done and this edit was made. For only one filming session this is pretty damn serious and that truck driver to footjam to “late” footjam tailwhip was super dope.
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The Nocturnal Volume 2

The Nocturnal Volume 2 from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

The Nocturnal is a video project that was first shot a few years back at the Joyride 150 indoor skatepark with an idea to turn off all the overhead light and shot an edit using only reflectors and video lights. Now they are back with the second installment in the project shot at the skate plaza of the Joyride 150 featuring Drew Bezanson, Mike Gray, Ben Kavanagh and Dillon Lloyd. So much good riding in here… enjoy.

Endeavorbmx – The Nocturnal from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

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Northern Embassy – An Evening At Joyride 150 Woth Chijioke Okafo And Chris Cadot

An Evening at Joyride with Chi and Chris from Embassy on Vimeo.

One evening at the Joyride 150 indoor skatepark with Chijioke Okafo and Chris Cadot. Both, Chijioke and Chris, came up with some technical combos all worth throwing your eyes at. Filmed and edited by Jeremy Deme for the Northern Embassy.
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Spencer Ryan Joyride 150 2013 Edit

Spencer Ryan | Joyride 2013 from tyler rizzi on Vimeo.

Tyler Rizzi spent a month filming with Spencer Ryan at the Joyride 150 indoor skatepark to get something new out and to treat the whole world with some goodness. Spencer is only 16 years old shredder, but his years have nothing to do with riding skills. At that age he is capable of pretty much everything, he can go really big and he can go really technical. Lot of regular and opposite stuff in here so watch carefully.
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Joyride 150 – Halloween Jam Highlights

Joyride 150 – Halloween Jam – Highlights from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

This past weekend there was a Halloween Jam going down over at the Joyride 150 indoor ramp facility and here are video highlights from street plaza’s best line, jump line competition and park competition. Lot of riders came and this means lot of rad stuff went down.
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Jeremy Joyce At Joyride 150

Jeremy Joyce spent some time at the Joyride 150 indoor skatepark to get clips done for a new edit and here it is now, coming out with a pretty hot new piece. A lot of technical stuff, but that last bike-flip to tail tap to footjam to vader jam was sure the best.
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Joel Bondu – A Week In Toronto

17 years old Joel Bondu is out of control. He spent a week riding at Joyride 150 and he pulled some really insane stunts. Tripe trucks, double barspin to vader, technical moves and other big jump box stuff, this kid is wild. The edit will make you several times go wow. Kid is next level. Filmed and edited by Bobby Lamirande and Tyler Rizzi.
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DK Bicycle Company – Ben Kavanagh

You have got to be kidding me. Ben Kavanagh is what, 11 years old, but this new DK Bicycle Company web edit, filmed and edited by Justen Soule can easily compete with all the older pro’s edits. It is Drew Bezanson who this kid hangs out with, so no wonder why he is pulling so much incredible stuff. Is Ben the next Ryan Nyquist, bringing out some nice rocket air moves? I can no describe how stoked I am seeing this kid killing it so damn hard. Watch and enjoy in watching your next favorite rider. Filmed at the Joyride 150 skatepark in Ontario, Canada.
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[Re-Up] Drew Bezanson Returns To Joyride 150

What the bloody hell did I just watched? Is there even possible to make even crazier edit than Drew Bezanson’s last Joyride 150 edit? Of course it is, if your name is Drew Bezanson. I really don’t find the right words to describe this insanity, cause there almost is no right word to describe it. Drew always stood out from the crowd, but this? Must see.
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