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Mike Meister Video Bike Check

Colorado shredder Mike Meister runs you through his current setup, tells you about the switch back to riding pegs and does some sweet street and skatepark riding. Filmed and edited by Justin Benthien. Seen on ESPN.
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Nasa – Park Bow Bow

The song is weird, but the riding is great, even if all these clips being “just” random clips. Riding from Kyle Rohling, Chris Andrijiw, Chris Cutright, Justin Benthien and Derek Cano.

NASA – Kyle Rohling

Kyle Rohling is the newest addition to the NASA crew of riders from California and to make some kind of a welcome edit, he and Justin Benthien spent a month cruising around the country visiting different street and skatepark spots and managed to film all the goodness. When there’s a good edit there just is a good edit, face it.
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Ron Diquattro In Boulder, Colorado

“Late in the summer, Columbus, Ohio’s own Rob Diquattro made plans to visit Boulder, Colorado. For two weeks, Rob filmed clips at various parks and spots in Boulder, but avoided any on-camera discussion except for a light-hearted introduction. All week long, I asked him to sit down and say a few words in front of the camera but had no luck. Regardless, he definitely put in work riding for the edit.”– Justin Benthien, ESPN
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NASA Part 2

Second part of NASA mixtape featuring Paul Smith, Chris Cutright, Jake Farley, Justin Benthien, Lance VanWinkle, Anthony Villani, Chris Zeppieri, Pat Quinn, Damian Racut, Rob Diquattro, Apedogg, Joey Manin, Kyle Rohling and Jake Martin. They already started filming for the third part, so stay tuned for some more shredding from these guys.