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Mutiny – Cool Story Bro Video

Hell yeah, it is finally here. The final video of Mutiny’s Cool Story Bro series is here and much better than expected. Filmed in USA, Spain, France, Germany and England from the beginning of this year to August 2013. Featuring riding from Robbo, Matt Roe, Josh Bedford, Justin Simpson, Brandon Hoerres, Grant Castelluzzo and many more. This one is a must see one.
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Cool Story Bro – Justin Simpson

I must admit, I was really waiting for this one to drop and here it is. No Justin Simpson is not a mellow person, far from it. Hemi Dragon plays in a heavy metal band, drinks bear and eats red meat, besides that he is studying to become a teach one day and he rides BMX to its fullest. Mutiny spent a week with him in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and here is his Cull Story Bro episode. Must see.
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Mutiny “Come Together” Leftovers

This is awesome. Seven minutes of leftover footage from filming for Mutiny’s “Come Together” video featuring Josh Bedford, George Boyd, Brandon Hoerres, Robbo, Matt Roe, Justin Simpson, Grant Castelluzzo, Deven Ferrer, Mat Houck, Mikey Luplow, Andy Martinez and Kyle Davenport. Sometime I think that leftover footage is even better than the original.
If you miss the video, click here.
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Justin Simpson Bike Check

Justin Simpson recently built up a Mutiny Rune setup all in black and here it is for you to check. You will find one more photo here.

Odyssey TGif: Justin Simpson – Gap To 50/50

“We got multiple angles of this monster clip by Justin Simpson in our New Mexico Travel Log. With a ledge blocking a clear view of the rail, it’s a blind run-up until that perfect last minute swoop into it. Justin handled it like a champ and even let out a casual mid-gap pause before unleashing the fury of the dragon. Thou rail has met its slayer, REJOICE!”Odyssey
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New Mutiny Posters

Mutiny have some new double side posters with Matt Roe pulling a tobogan (above) and Justin Simpson a tooth hanger down a rail (after the jump). These will be dropping with all their new products coming in June.
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A Nice Day In Ohio

A Nice Day In Ohio from EricKucinski on Vimeo.

Justin Simpson aka “Hemi Dragon” and Adam Chowski aka “Baby Bird” had a nice sunny day in Ohio filming this quickie. Filmed and edited by Eric Kucinski. The first gap over rail attempt was huge.
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Mutiny – El Paso

El Paso from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Mutiny’s Brandon Hoerres, Justin Simpson, George Boyd, Matt Houck and Grant Castelluzzo went on a trip to west Texas in January to explore El Paso. That’s one crazy foot-jam to fakie at the end.
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Justin Simpson Mutiny Bike Check

Justin Simpson built himself up a new Mutiny Loosefer bike in blue. Justin went blue? Thats not his style, but anyway, showing his softer side is positive.

Justin Simpson Mutiny Ad

Mutiny’s new Justin Simpson ad is featured in the latest issue of The Albion magazine. If you missed this big gap to wallride from Simpson check it one more time after the jump.
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