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Keelan Phillips – BMX Is Fun

Keelan Phillips bringing skatepark and flatland riding together at the House indoor skatepark in Sheffield. That backwards nose manual was seriously insane and the last move was super fun. Click play and enjoy in this new piece from Keelan.
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Keelan Phillips Bio – English Flatland Wizard

Keelan Phillips Bio – English Flatland Wizard – More BMX Videos

We are seeing a lot of Keelan Phillips stuff on the web lately and we are loving it and I think every single shredder out there also. Keelan is riding flatland for about 13 years now and what he is doing with flatland is inventing new tricks all the time and doing things differently. I like how Keelan is thinking, even if it is small, as long as it is original and new. Go and watch this madness now.
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The Only Way Is Made In Sheffield

Oh man, this is hilarious. Keelan Phillips and Nathan Morris are trying to show you what can happen if you are a BMX rider and you number one fan is a skateboarder. The world definitely needs more stuff like this.
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Keelan Phillips’ Portrait

Keelan Phillips likes to be different, likes to practicing new tricks and inventing new tricks and is also very serious when it comes to BMX riding. This guy has such a good and fast style of riding and all this was really well filmed and edited. Enjoy.
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Keelan Phillips – Bicycle Ballet

Riding flatland in a grand ballroom? Yep. Keelan Phillips shows you his skills and makes things look amazing, while Visive Productions is there filming and making a really good piece for your viewing pleasure.