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G-Shock – Ken Matsumoto 2013 Edit

I am always down to watch fresh new footage from Ken Matsumoto. Here is his 2013 web edit for his watch sponsor G-Shock. A lot of style Ken has and also knows how to murder street spots with clean and smoothly pulled tricks.
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Ken Matsumoto For Quintin Japan

This is a commercial for Quintin Japan and is less than a minute long, but it is enough for this guy, Ken Matsumoto aka Matsuken from Fukuoka, to get some really stylish street moves done at some spots in Tokyo.
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China Edit – Akira & ken

Japanese riders Akira Sakata and Ken Matsumoto went to Shanghai to compete at 2012 X Games Asia. During the time, when not riding the course, they managed to film this split edit on the streets of Shanghai. Enjoy.

Etnies Japan – Team Summer Tour 2011 “Interaction” DVD Trailer

Etnies Japan team summer tour 2011 “INTERACTION” DVD trailer. from TeamZEN on Vimeo.

I think this will be one of the best Japan videos ever. Ken Matsumoto, Rehito Murata, Daisuke Maja and Yugo Ito spent three days in Nagoya killing street spots. This DVD will be free with every Encounter Magazine in the end of November 2011.
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Ken Matsumoto Welcome To TeamZEN

Welcome to TeamZEN, Matsuken!! from TeamZEN on Vimeo.

Really great to see an edit from Japan. Ken Matsumoto aka Matsuken joined the team of ZEN with this welcome to the team edit and will be representing United as a Japan rider.