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The Bridge Jam

The Bridge BMX store over in Belgium organized their first ever The Bridge Jam and here are video highlights from the day, showing you that it was a big success. Featuring Thijs Vervaeck, Stef De Backer, Mark Vos, Emile Bouwman, Kenzo De Witte, Tom Jonckheere, Björg Saerens, Brian O’Brien, Pieter Possenier, Arno Van Rossem, Alex Vantomme and Bircan Birre Kareman. Filmed and edited by Jelle Harnisfeger.
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Cockside Cogs – Mixtape 2013

Brent De Geeter sent through Cockside Cogs’ 2013 Mixtape that was completely filmed over the summer time on the streets and at skateparks. Featuring Tom De Droogh, Stef De Backer, Brian O’Brien, William Boulanger, Louis Van De Mergel, Gianni De Cooman, Brent himself, Ezra White, Maxim Steeman, Denislav Nedev and Kenzo De Witte. Enjoy.
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The Bridge BMX Store – Hangover Sundays

The Bridge BMX Store riders Alex Vantomme, Jan Cannoodt, Kenzo De Witte and Thijs Varvaeck were kinda busy this past Sunday, riding and filming at this really fun looking local spot they have. If you are into jibbing, this is something meant for you.
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The Bridge Store – Kenzo De Witte Edit

Kenzo De Witte is one of just a few riders in his hometown of Ghent, Belgium, but even if the scene is not the biggest in his local area, he still is still progressing all the time and dropping rad edits, like this one, that he filmed for The Bridge Store and Vans. Big moves and technical moves. Enjoy.
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The Bridge X BSD – Thijs Vervaeck Edit

Thijs Vervaeck is one lucky guy, getting out of that first crash like it was nothing. His new The Bridge and BSD web edit is really amazing, full of really solid and big street moves, hops, grinds and tech lines. You better check this one, especially if you are just before going out riding. Enjoy. Guest clip by Kenzo De Witte.
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We Are Orange Juice – 2013 Barcelona Trip

Officially premiere up on the TCU web site, here is the video from We Are Orange Juice’s 2013 Barcelona trip. 9 day of riding amazing spots around one of the best cities on the planet (at least from the BMX rider’s point of view). Riding from Stijn Staal, Alex “Frenchie” Coumailleau, Mark Vos, Jorn Tuijnman, Kenzo de Witte, Roy Van Kempen, filmer Tom Lammerse and photographer Aaron Zwaal. Amazing.
When you are done with the video, make sure you check WAOJ’S 2013 summer line in the flipbook below.

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Kenzo De Witte Welcome To The Bridge X Vans

This is the edit that welcomes Kenzo De Witte to The Bridge shop in Belgium and Vans. There are several must-sees in this clip, but the double peg to gap double peg on rails down the stairs and last 720 cab were the two that stand out. Must see. Filmed and edited by Gimme Dat.
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Gimme Dat Random Mix

Gimme Dat crew from Belgium put out a Random Mix edit, consisted of some scraps, unused and second angle clips from Jan Cannoodt, Jelle Harnisfeger, Alex Vantomme, Benoît Van De Geuchte, Kenzo De Witte, Thijs Vervaeck, Bircan Birre Kareman and Michael Lefebvre.
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Vans – Kenzo De Witte

Short and sweet edit from Belgium Vans rider Kenzo De Witte, who is also representing United over there through Grounded BMX. Mostly park edit but he also touches some street.

United / Grounded – Kenzo De Witte Summer 2012

Kenzo De Witte is a United rider through Grounded BMX who put quite a lot of work over the summer to produce this amazing web edit, or maybe he is just one of those first-try guys and was filming for it only for a week or two. Must see.
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