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The Hunt 2013 Semi-Finalists

Semi-finalists and the world premiere date for the 2013 The Hunt video is here. Chijioke Okafo, Adam Lee, Sam Mueller, Pascal Lafontaine, Kevin Kuraly, John Dominick, Jake Ortiz, Don Delp and Kevin Ventovaara are semi-fanilast and premiere will happen on November, seventh, 2013.

FNB Volume 2

Just got this awesome mix from Sweden in my inbox that I definitely enjoy watching. Jasper Sjögren, Kalle Paloheimo, Jonathan Thane, Jens Lundi, Kevin Ventovaara and Oliver Akermo putting their pegs to use at the street spots around Stockholm, Sweden. Good stuff.
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Brotherhood Plaza Session #3

The third installment in this awesome Brotherhood Plaza Session series from a couple of friends riding this DIY spot located in Stockholm, Sweden. Oliver Jonasson, Kevin Ventovaara, Arvid Saveby, Giancarlo Mitidieri, Christopher Tate and Tim Sjöholm all went pretty technical. The last hard 180 to smith to 180 to smith to 180 to smith to 180 out was kinda sick.
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Broterhood Plaza Session #2

Sweet, the second installment in the Brotherhood Plaza Session series from dudes over in Stockholm, Sweden. This place is super fun and have in mind is is a DIY spot. Riding from Arvid Saveby, Giancarlo Mitidieri, Kevin Ventovaara, Viktor Kalisz and Oliver Akermo.
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Kevin Ventovaara Indoor Edit

Kevin Ventovaara got hooked up by Sunshine Distribution and will be representing Animal Bikes through it. To make it official he hit up his local indoor skatepark for a few session and managed to film this really dope edit with Tim Sjöholm. This kid has skills and style. Grinds, barspins, well, pretty much technical all the way.
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Kevin Ventovaara 2012 Edit

Kevin Ventovaara is another 16 years old kid who is killing it hard. He comes from Älta in Stockholm, Sweden and has been working on this edit over the summer of 2012 and he sure put a lot of work in ti, because the final product is an absolute must see.
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Kevin Ventovaara – Late Spring 2012

I think this kid is not much older than the previous two shredders I posted about. Stylish Kevin Ventovaara is riding for Childstore in Sweden and to show them some support he filmed this new edit, which is a mix of street and park riding.

Kevin Ventovaara – Childstore Edit

Kevin Ventovaara – Childstore Edit from Tim Sjöholm on Vimeo.

15 years old Kevin Ventovaara from Alta, Sweden came out with a new edit that is a mix of street and park riding for his sponsor Childstore. Kids nowadays are just to good.
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