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KHE – The Crisman Freecoaster

Bruce Crisman and KHE have been working on the best possible freecoaster hub over the past seven years and Bruce is now honored to call this hub the Crisman freecoaster hub. BMX scene is all about freecoasters lately and if you are looking to buy yourself one, this one could be the one. Check out the promo and some Crisman action above and get more details on the KHE Bikes site.
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KHE Bruce Crisman Signature Freecoaster

Bruce Crisman’s signature KHE freecoaster hub, the first ever KHE freecoaster that has an option of switching clutch and driver to making in a left hand drive. Get stoked, freecoasters are getting extremely popular these days.

KHE – The Affix Rotor

We have been posting about the all new KHE Bikes rotor, the Affix rotor, earlier this year and we are posting about it again. Here is a quick promotional video to show the world what Affix System is all about, how simple it is to adjust and what are all the improvments.
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Nicholi Rogatkin Signature KHE Swag Frame Promo

In the above web video Nicholi Rogatkin talks about his signature Swag frame from KHE and does plenty of serious moves over a set of trails to promote it and to show you that it holds perfect. The frame also features the all new Affix brake system.
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Alfredo Mancuso Welcome To KHE

Alfredo Mancuso was on the KHE team a few years back, but it looks like he returned and is now back on the team. This is his welcome to the team edit, filmed at a few SoCal skateparks by John Hicks. In the coming months I really hope we will see something proper from Alfredo. He shreds.
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Jesse Puente’s KHE Premium Lager Light 2013 Setup

I really like how KHE and Jesse Puente stayed very “old school” with Jesse’s signature Premium Lager frame. Since always I liked the “street” style flatland frames better, but I sure do like seeing some of these kind of frames still on the market. Hear a few words from Jesse himself and also get a few flatland action clips.
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Francis Lalande Welcome To Lama / KHE

One really original welcome to the team edit featuring Francis Lalande getting things done his own way. Francis will be from now on riding for KHE through the Lama Cycles Distribution and I am sure KHE does not have many riders who have the own, unique style of riding that not many out there have.
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KHE Freecoaster Hubs

KHE did a pretty cool job with putting together this video to show you how their Freecoaster hubs work and how you disassemble it. If you have problems with putting yours apart, you should watch this one first and than go to work.
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KHE – Jake Leiva Edit

I never heard of this dude before, but holly hell, he shreds really hard. Jake Leiva is a KHE rider and does all bunch of ridiculously good stunts on his bike at various skateparks. Even if he is a park rider he still has some street moves on lock. Check him out.
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Luke Padgett Off KHE

Luke Padgett has decided to leave KHE after three years of riding for them, because something new is cooking over there.
“I have decided to leave KHE Bikes after three years of being on the team. I would like to take the time to say thanks for the opportunities that they have given to me.”