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Kilian Roth Welcome To Peoples Store Web Edit


Kilian Roth is the newest member of the Peoples Store in Cologne, Germany and his welcome to the team web edit is a treat to watch. You can never go wrong with some fresh new footage from Kilian and if you do not believe me, hit the play button above and see it for yourself. Really solid style of riding, lot of rail grinding and just a huge amount of smoothness. Go watch it now and enjoy, cause Kilian Roth is killing it really hard.
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2013 Wethepeople Autumn Session Highlights

We have seen some stuff from the 2013 Wethepeople Autumn Session that went down at the Skatehall in Trier, Germany, but here are now video highlights, brought to you by Freedom BMX, from the whole day, including all the best moves. Featuring Kilian Roth, Daniel Tünte, Marcel Gans, Carlo Hoffmann, Felix Prangenberg and more.
First place went to Daniel Tünte, second to Felix Prangenberg and third to Michael Meisel.
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Awesome Rail Session

I guess this awesome rail session went down during Wethepeople Austumn Session at in Trier, Germany and it looks it was a pretty wild one. Dominik Wrobel from Woozy put these video highlights together featuring Daniel Tünte, Carlo Hoffmann, Kilian Roth, Moritz Nussbaumer and more.
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Kilian Roth For Cult And Traffic Distribution

Kilian Roth once again came out with one amazing street web edit for his sponsors Cult and Traffic Distribution. Smooth style, tons of tricks, grinds, opposite and regular stuff, you name it, Kilian will pull them all. Filmed and edited by Fabien Bader. Enjoy.
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Sony Action Cam Mixtape

Diminik Wrobel from Woozy dropped this awesome mixtape video filmed all with Sony’s Action camera. The camera is something similar to a GoPro, small and quality. Action shots from riders like Simone Barraco, Stefan Lantschner (also riding MX), Adrian Malmberg, Kilian Roth, Moritz Nussbaumer and many more.
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Vans – Kilian Roth Edit

Kilian Roth is ripping Vans shoes and to say how thankful he is for their support he made a trip to Cologne, Germany, met up with Dominik Wrobel and filmed one of his best edits ever. Style, tricks, filming, editing, song, everything fits together perfectly. You guys should better check this one out and get stoked.
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Game Of Horst – Moritz Nusbaumer Vs Kilian Roth

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A pretty sick Game of Horst going over there with two of the finest German shredder Moritz Nusbaumer and Kilian Roth. These two have such a smooth style of riding and are shredding this park the street way, of course.
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Kilian Roth On Vans

Vans Germany is happy to welcome 16 years old Kilian Roth to the team. Kilian will join the crew that consists of Markus Braumann, Markus Reuss, Daniel Juchatz and Senad Grosic. Expect more from this guy in 2013.

Cult – Killian Roth

We have already seen some action for Kilian Roth today, but here is some more. Kilian was busy filming this past year for his sponsor Cult that he gets support from through Traffic Distribution in Germany. Kid’s a shredder.
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Here is Fabian Bader’s second web dvx web edit, filmed at this indoor ramp facility with Moritz Nusbaumer, Kilian Roth and Fabian Bader himself. There are some serious trick combos in this one worth checking out.
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