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Ben Basford And His 2014 Kink Web Edit

Fresh new Ben Basford web edit for his sponsor Kink, for which he rides and proudly represent in the UK through Seventies. Ben has this awesome, raw, solid, creative and pretty technical style of riding, that you will enjoy watching from the first to the last second. So much goodness in this four minutes long edit, but I really liked that long crank arm grind on that super fat yellow rail. I could say what I also really liked a lot in here, but I think I would ruin everything for you. So hit play and enjoy this awesome edit from Ben Basford, doing his thing, enjoying the bike.
Filmed and edited by Sam Marden.
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Chad Osburn Kink Pro 2014

The waiting is no longer, Chad Osburn’s welcome to Kink pro team edit is here and it is dope like expected. So much style, so much smoothness, this one has it all. No pegs, no brakes, cause Chad does not need them to make riding look super sick. Hit play and enjoy the goodness.
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Albert Mercado And Chad Osburn New Kink Pros

Albert Mercado and Chad Osburn are new Kink professional BMX riders for 2014 and we are all happy for them. Does this mean we can expect a split welcome to the team edit now? Hope so, or maybe even two welcome to the team edits?

Kink CST Forks Are Available Now

The new CST forks from Kink are available now. The weight of this fork with top cap is 33.9oz and they come in black and chrome color options. CST forks feature a 28mm offset (for better front wheel control) and standard 3/8″ (10mm) dropouts. Made from 100% 4130 chromoly with tapered fork legs with internal butting, this fork features a 6mm investment cast dropouts and flush inner droput/leg junction for hub guard clearance.

Kink’s Jay Roe Chats With Blackout BMX

Blackout BMX chats with Kink’s Jay Roe, to talk about how he got the team manager position, new additions to the pro team and the future plans for the brand.

Dan Coller Welcome To Kink Pro

Dan Coller has been working on this one over the course of they year 2013 and put a lot of work into it and it sure paid of. Dan is the newest addition to the Kink pro team and his welcome to the team edit is simply sick. Dan likes going fast into grinds and pulling big gaps out of them. Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco. Seen on TCU.
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Ben Hittle Off Kink

I am not the biggest fan of posting this kind of posts in the blog section, but since I am a big fan of Ben Hittle’s riding I am going to do it. Ben parted ways with his long time sponsor Kink and if you would like to read the whole story above this move, head over to the Kink web site and read it.

Dan Coller On Kink Pro

After joining the Eclat squad here is another big news from Dan Coller, he got added to the Kink pro team for 2014. He is currently working on a web video that should be out January 1st, 2014, so stay tuned to see some bangerish stuff from Dan himself.

Kink Tech Talk – Senec Pedals

In this episode of the “Tech Talk” from Kink, Matt Antes will run you through the pedals they were working on for three years, the Senec pedals. If you don’t have them yet, go and try them out, I ma sure you’ll be into them.

Jorge Rodriguez Welcome To Kink

Jorge Rodriguez – Welcome to Kink Bikes Co. from on Vimeo.

Jorge Rodriguez traveled to Malaga, Spain for four days to film his welcome to Kink web video, which is now out and ready for you to check it out. Street and skatepark shredding from Jorge and lot of good moves, you will definitely enjoy watching. I don’t know how many times I already sad, but I will do it one more time, I really need to go to Malaga one day.
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