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Kink – James Steele 2013 Edit

Kink’s James Steele coming out all hot with a brand new web edit and maybe the last in 2013, that he filmed at spots around Rochester, Vancouver, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Austin and Kitchener. Lots and lots of quality street stuff you must not miss.
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Kink “Tech Talk” – Atlas Rim

Kink is back with a fresh new episode of the “Tech Talk” with Matt Antes, where Matt gives you all the details you need to know about their Atlas Rim. If you are looking for a new rim, hit play above and get familiar with it.
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Kink “Off The Clock” Ad – Lloyd Wright

A behind the scene look at shooting Kink’s “Off The Clock” print ad featuring Lloyd Wright having a tea party with the queen. They set the table and chairs, brought cookies, made tea and added some spices to it. Kink really came out with a solid idea with making this OTC print ads. Scroll down a little bit to check the final product.

Kink Freecoaster Hub

Freecoasters were really popular a few years ago, but this year they are coming back and pretty much every brand out there is offering it. Kink is another one, who will be having a freecoaster hubs, but they took a different path. You won’t need to buy yourself a whole new hub, you will be able to just upgrade the existing Incite cassette hub with a few extra parts and made it back a regular hub in a matter of minutes.

Kristaps Reimanis Welcome To Kink

Kristaps Reimanis welcome to KINK from Janis/PARBMX on Vimeo.

Kink added a new rider to their international team and it is Kristaps Reimanis. Over the past weeks/months he was pretty busy stacking clips for the welcome to the team edit, which is now live and ready for the whole world to see it. Skills, style and smoothly pulled tricks, enjoy.
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Kink Universal Drive Side Hub Guard

The new Kink drive side hub guard are available now at all your favorite Kink retailers. This guard weight in at 2.1 oz, comes in black only and features a heat treated chromoly base and will fit most of the 8t and 9t cassette hubs.

Bob Randel Welcome To Kink

Bob Randel is all about grind hammers and grind hammers only and his welcome to the Kink flow team web edit is all about that. Everyone who likes pegs stuff will love Bob’s latest piece he filmed at the spots around Northern California.
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Kink “Tech Talk” – Ben Hittle Stem

Here is a new episode of Kink’s “Tech Talk” series where Matt Antes gives you all the informations and a quick little story behind the Ben Hittle signature top load stem.

Kink “Off The Clock” Ad – Ben Hittle

With Off The Clock print ads Kink wanted to do ads that are not related to BMX riding and since Ben Hittle really likes food, they hit up the local restaurant to film and shoot for the ad. I guess I also would not mind being in Hittle’s position, because I am also a food addict.

Kink Samurai Grips Available Now

The all new Kink Samurai grips are available now at your local shop or favorite mail order. These grips are made in the USA by ODI and are 150mm long, so just perfect to fit any kind of bar you ride.