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Interbike 2013 By Vital BMX

FlyBikes at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Fly Bikes
The Interbike 2013 is on and the world wide web will be full of videos and photos showing you all the new stuff from all your favorite brands. Here are video from Vital BMX showing you guys new frames, sprockets, bars, cranks, forks, hub guards, hubs and other goodies from Fly Bikes, Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, Profile Racing, DK, Stolen and Kink. Hit read more and check out all the vids.
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Kink – Tony Hamlin And Dan Coller 2013 Split Edit

Kink’s Tony Hamlin and Dan Coller testing out the new plastic hub guards for the Boulevard and Incite hub guards in this new 2013 split edit, that just got uploaded to Youtube. Tony and Dan put the guards to some really proper use and make every single grind look so freaking easy. With plastic pegs and plastic hub guards, icepick grinds look pretty much the same as if you would be in a manual, smooth as a butter.
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Darryl Tocco Kink “Off The Clock” Ad

Darryl Tocco is a chill guy who likes to sit down and have a drink and this was just the right thing he needed to do for his Kink “Off The Clock” print ad. The Kink team ended up being in Rochester, NY, where they threw a party down at their brand manager’s house and shot photos for this print ad. Behind the scenes are above and the final product is below.

Filip Banik Riding His New Kink Solace

Filip Banik building himself up a fresh new Tony Hamlin Kink Solace setup and puts it to test at local skatepark and street spots of Nitra, Slovakia. You don’t really see a walltap to fakie out of a bunnyhop on the streets very often. Check it out.
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Kink – Albert Mercado 2013 Edit

I always get stoked when seeing name Albert Mercado mentioned in the title, I just liked his style and that’s it. This is his 2013 edit for his sponsor Kink, filmed at the greater San Diego area and it rocks. Albert for sure has one of the best inverts in the game and he can do them pretty much everything he wants, out of feeble grinds, down big sets of stairs, you name it and he will pull it. Definitely an edit that was not meant to be missed so check it out now. Filmed and edited by Doeby Huynh.
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Kink – Theo Griggs And Liam Crivellaro

One of Kink’s youngest riders (if not the youngest), Theo Griggs and Liam Crivellaro, hitting the Rye Airfield skatepark to film for a quick split. Theo and Liam both have a great style and already some nice moves on lock and all these double clips were sweet. Enjoy.
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Eurobike 2013 – Kink

Kink was also one of my stops at the Eurobike 2013 show in Germany last Wednesday and I was really sicked to see all the products that were shown at the show, from complete bikes and frames, to forks, brakes, pegs, seats and other goods. If I am honest with you I was really looking forward to see Tony Hamlin’s Solace frame. The frame looks really solid and I love that it comes with the integrated chain tensioners and in this new trans blue colorway it looks damn good. Check all the photos in the gallery after the jump.
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Jacob Cable Interview

Kink made a quick interview with 15 year old Jacob Cable to talk about the summer, Monster Mash, filming, his riding mates, fall and winter plans and more. You can read it all above.

Gabe Brooks Off Kink

Gabe Brooke and Kink are parting ways after two/three years of working together.
“Today we’d like to announce that Gabe Brooks and Kink will be parting ways. Gabe has come a long way since we started hooking him up back in December 2010, and I couldn’t be more stoked to see him with new, exciting opportunities in the future. I am proud that Kink could be a part of the Gabe Brooks story, and very happy with the work we did together. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Gabe, no matter what brand he is repping! See you on the road…”

Chad Osburn For Kink

Chad Osburn hitting concrete and streets around Fresno, California for his sponsor Kink and Joseph Cappaglia was there with him capturing all those smooth and style, but yet wild stunts. That last drop looks pretty damn scary. I would definitely love to see this one from another angle.
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