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Caleb Quanbeck Video Bike Check

Caleb Quanbeck – Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos

Caleb Quanbeck built himself up a fresh new Kink Tocco setup mixed with other Kink and Shadow Conspiracy parts. Here he is running you through his current setup along with nailing down a few hot moves, to make this one proper video bike check.
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Tony Hamlin’s Kink “Off The Clock” Ad Behind The Scenes

And this is how Tony Hamlin gets a print ad done for his sponsor Kink. Watch this behind the scenes edit above where the crew gets to this cliff spot for some beer drinking and back flipping off of the cliff, when the idea comes to ride Tony’s bike off of it. Click read more to check how the final “Off The Clock” print ad looks like.
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Kink Hub Guards Available Now

The new Kink hub guards, that are made out of proven polycarbonate material are available now. These are made to fit your Kink Incite and Boulevard hubs. Hit your local shop or favorite mail order and get these and prevent braking your spokes from too much grinding.

Ben Hittle For The Kink Hittle Top Load Stem

Ben Hittle hit street spots in South Korea, Tennessee, California and Texas to get stuff filmed to promote his signature Hittle top load stem from Kink. No pegs at all, rear brake, spins, turndowns, wallrides, you name it, Hittle killed it with this short promo edit.
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2013 Kink Hats

Kink is stoked and so are all their fans to finally have their 2013 hats line available and ready for all the heads out there. They also threw together this flipbook, so you can get a better look at the new Lock-up snapback and Journey trucker.

Kink “Thread” Crew Neck Sweatshirts Available Now

The all new Kink Thread crew neck sweatshirts are available at all the shops that carry Kink and at their online store. These come in two color options, black and gray, and are printed in Rochester, New York.

Kink – Ben Basford Edit

Kink’s UK connection through Seventies Distribution Ben Basford hit the Flo indoor skatepark in Nottingham for a few sessions to film something new with help from Charlie Jobling behind the lens. I like the way Ben is mixing his technical skill with big air time stuff.
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Kink Tech Talk – Tony Hamlin’s Solace Frame

Tony Hamlin’s signature Solace frame from Kink has been in the works for two years and now, it is already available around the globe, ready for you to learn new tricks on it. Seat back for a little bot and get an in-depth run down of the frame with Matt Antes.
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KC Badger Kink “Off The Clock” Ad

Another awesome print ad from Kink for their “Off The Clock” series of ads, featuring KC Badger. Kc likes riding his bike and when he is not riding his bike he is fly fishing. Watch behind the scenes video above and check the final product below. You can also find more photos from the photo shoot on the OTC micro page.
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Kink “Squash It” Premiere At Flourish BMX And After Session

There was a premiere of the new Kink “Squash It” DVD over at the Flourish BMX shop and after that, when everyone got pumped up, they threw a session down at the local skatepark. Shinya Mouri, Sena Kanamori, Yashi, Akira Sakata, Daichi Kawamoto and Umihiko Asano were all who shred and who had plenty of fun after the premiere. I think I wanna see an edit from Sena, it looks like this girl is really killing it. Filmed and edited by Yu Teshigawara.
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