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Kriss Kyle’s Line At Unit 23 – Part 2

Another epic line at the Unit 23 indoor skatepark from Nearly BMX represent, Kriss Kyle. I am really wondering if all this was a first try, or it took him several goes. If you missed the first lines from Kriss, watch it now.
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Kriss Kyle Line At Unit 23 – Part 1

One really, I mean really really amazing line at the Uni 23 indoor skatepark from Nearly BMX’s Kriss Kyle. So smooth, so clean and so wild. And this is only part 1, I am wondering how part 2 will look like.
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Kriss Kyle BSD Ad

BSD’s latest print advert, that can be found in the 98th issue of the DIG magazine, featuring Kriss Kyle with a proper can can, shot by Vince Perraud in El Paso, USA. Proper can can never gets old.

Alex Donnachie, Jason Phelan And Kriss Kyle – The Nightmare Before Christmas

I am not 100% sure if all the stuff featured in the video is new, but even if it is not, all of the clips are insane and definitely deserve another watch. Check out Alex Donnachie, Jason Phelan and Kriss Kyle going all crazy at the Unit 23 indoor skatepark in this “Nightmare Before Christmas” video.
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Nightmare “Good Laughs”

Jason Phelan released another amazing episode of the Nightamer series which includes lot of good times, laughs, jumping of waterfalls and of course tons of great riding from Ben Murphy, Kriss Kyle, Jason himself, David Godziek, Denis Enarson, Drew Bezanson and Martain Wroblewski.
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BSD – Kriss Kyle “The Passenger” Frame Promo

BSD – Kriss Kyle – The Passenger from BSD on Vimeo.

Kriss Kyle’s signature The Passenger frame from BSD is available now and to celebrate the launch of his new signature frame, here is a super dope promotional video filmed on a trip through Arizona and New Mexico he took with the BSD crew. Guest appearance by Dan Paley and Chad Mailey.
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New BMX Rider Cover, Issue 9

Great can-can from Kriss Kyle, shot by Vince Perraud, that scored the cover of the ninth issue of the German based BMX magazine, BMX Rider. Find what’s inside the issue over on their web site.

Red Bull “Riding Shotgun” Episode 4 – Shedding Scotland

Here is the fourth and last episode from Red Bull and Kriss Kyle’s “Riding Shotgun” series. Kriss met up with Drew Bezanson and Dennis Enarson in Glasgow, Scotland, to cruise around the city, to shred the famous Unit 23 skatepark, to cliff dive and to go camping. Unfortunately Drew got injured and ended the trip earlier, but they all managed to film a big amount of crazy good stuff for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.
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Kriss Kyle “Riding Shotgun” – Episode 3

The third episode of Riding Shotgun series from Red Bull and Kriss Kyle is about Austin, Texas. Kriss flew to Austin to spent a few days with Chase Hawk cruising around, hitting skateparks, avoiding heat by swimming in pools, shooting guns and riding in boat. The filming of the second half is courtesy of the one and only Joe Simon. Lot of great riding, lot of amazing clips, so seat back, relax and enjoy every second of it.
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Kriss Kyle’s “Riding Shotgun” Episode 2

Kriss Kyle and Red Bull are back with the second episode of the “Riding Shotgun” series, where Kriss heads over to Italy to met up with his team rider Simone Barraco, to destroy streets of Genova. If you put two amazing riders to a city full of crazy good spots, you know only wild stuff will happen. Hit play right now and enjoy this beauty.
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