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Kye Forte United Ad, Dig 96

Kye Forte going all stylish for United’s latest print ad that is featured in the 96th issue of the DIG magazine. If it is style you wanna learn, learn it from Kye. Photo by Jonathan Williams.

Goodbye Four Down Garden Ramp

The Four Down’s Garden ramp is no more and to say a proper farewell they threw together some old clips from riders like Rob Castle, Luke Peeters, Dan Barber, Fathead, Leo Forte, Kye Forte, Wildcat, Alex Kennedy, Dean Hearne, James Cox, Owain Clegg and Jimmy Rushmore.
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United English Shop Tour 2013

United is sending Nathan Williams, Kye Forte, Leo Forte, Jimmy Rushmore and Harry Mills-Wakley on an English shop tour, starting this time next month. This wont be the average shop tour, they are bringing Kye’s MBE events setup with them, so there will be ramps and rails to shred all the time. Mark your calendars.

Pro Cycle Centre – Triple Crown Contest

Kye Forte recently threw a contest down at his Pro Cycle Centre shop in Newton Abbot, UK at this sweet looking ramp setup. Riders went high and went with style, but the win went to Jay Cowley. If you need a dose of UK ramp boosting, here you have it.

Ride UK Warehouse Project – DC UK

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Now lets get to the last and the longest section from Ride UK’s “Warehouse Project” DVD, the DC UK section. This one features riding from Marty Tambling, Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Kye Forte, Lima Eltham, Leo Forte and Carl Wood. Guys nailed down some stylish moves, gaps and also tons of grind combinations from Carl. If you like this one, go vote for them by clicking on this link.
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Ride UK “No Front Teeth” Full Video

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No Front Teeth is Ride UK’s classic video and also first ever published from back in 2003, this makes it almost ten years old. This was actually uploaded online five years ago, but now we have it here for you, split in sections after the jump, starting with Ashley Charles’ section above. Enjoy the goodness.
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Ride UK Reader Awards 2012 Video

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We dropped the results from Ride UK reader awards 2012 a little while ago and today guys over at Ride UK dropped the video from the party in Bricklane, London. Also make sure you check out Tom Dugan, who won worldwide rider of the year, saying thanks below.

More BMX Videos
UK Park of the Year – Unit 23
UK Retailer of the Year – The Source BMX
Ride UK Cover of the Year – Issue 167 – Chris Jenner
Worldwide Rider of the Year – Tom Dugan
Ride UK Lifetime Achievement award – Kye Forte
UK Park Rider of the Year – Harry Main
UK Street Rider of the Year – Ben Lewis
UK Dirt Rider of the Year – Matt Priest
Brand of the Year – BSD
Edit of the Year – Harry Main VX2

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2012 Ride UK Awards Winners

The 2012 Ride UK Awards are over and we have the winners of each section. The highlight was definitely Harry Main, because he won two awards, one for the best web video of the year and second for best park rider of the year.
Web video of the year: Harry Main
Lifetime achievement award: Kye Forte
Bike brand of the Year award: BSD
Dirt jumper of the year: Matt Priest
Park rider of the year award: Harry Main
Street rider of the year award: Dan Lacey
Best drinker of the year award: Ben Murphy

This Is United – Kye Forte Full Video Part HD

Already time for a new section from United’s “This Is United” DVD? Well it looks like. Here we have Kye Forte’s super fast section, that includes big 360s, stylish moves, wild trails combos and big gaps. Kye forte is not afraid of going fast and this section shows you exactly that.
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2012 Vans Rebeljam Highlights By Red Bull

Another amazing video highlights from the 2012 Vans Rebeljam in Spain featuring the Red Bull riders Kriss Kyle, Kye Forte, Sebastian Keep, Matthias Dandois, David Godziek, Tobias Wicke, Senad Grosic, Michael Beran, Bruno Hoffman, Vasya Lukyanenko, Alessandro Barbero.
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