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Harry Main Calling The Shots For Kyle Baldock

Um… I really do not know where to start with this one. Kyle Baldock is just insane and when you know one of England’s finest park riders, Harry Main, is calling shots for him, things will go really, REALLY, insane. And they did. Kyle and Harry met up at the GC Compound indoor skatepark to film for the latest episode of the Clocking On series. Since Harry is still taking it a bit slow, Kyle Baldock was the guy doing all the incredible stunts. It is almost un-human how good this kid is. From the first to the last trick, expect that bunnyhop over the fence, every single one is mental. And by mental, I seriously think Mental. Oh and since Kyle Baldock does not know how to get a truck driver to footjam to barspin in done, he called Chance Brejnakowski to pull it for him. Is that even legal? To call someone to pull trick for you in the middle of calling the shots? Well, lets say it is. Seat back, relax and enjoy this madness.
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Total BMX At 2013 Dew Tour San Francisco

First and second at 2013 Dew Tour San Francisco dirt contest, Kyle Baldock and Daniel Sandoval and clips of them throwing insane stunts over those massive sets of trails. Total BMX is proud and so are we. These two are made and are no stranger to big stuff.
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2013 Dew Tour Dirt Finals Highlights And Results

It was crazy over at the 2013 Dew Tour dirt finals in San Francisco and if you missed the live stream, here are highlights to make you go wild. Featuring riding from Kyle Baldock, Kevin Peraza, Ryan Nyquist, Colton Satterfield and others. For the final result check below.

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Dew Tour SF Street And Dirt Semi Finals Results

It was yesterday when you had your chance to watch Dew Tour street and dirt semi finals in San Francisco live behind your screens and if you did you already know who got on that first three positions. And if you missed it, hit read more button and check the results now.
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Total BMX – Kyle Baldock Killabee Frame

Kyle Baldock’s signature Total BMX “Killabee” frame

Kyle Baldock’s signature Killabee frame from Total BMX will be available at most worldwide destinations at the end of month October. Kyle has been riding and testing the frame (and won 2 X Games gold medals on it) for a while now and it will finally get to the stores for people to pick it up. There won’t be a huge run of these on the first drop, so contact your local shop or favourite mail order and make sure they will save one for you. For all the updates and stuff follow Total’s Facebook page.
Below you can find the official specifications:
Head angle – 75.5°
BB height – 11.75″
Stadover height (measured centre of BB – centre of top tube) – 7.5″
Rear length – 12.9″ (slammed – 13.2″ centred)
Lazer logo stay bridge
Removable brake pivots and tabs
Weight – 2.1kg for the 20.4″ TT
Top tube sizes – 20.4″, 20.6″, 21″

Total BMX “Killabee” frame

Kyle Baldock’s Flipping Tuesday

Three really wild back-flip variations from Kyle Baldock. This guy is pretty much unreal and all these stunts are mind blowing. See them for yourself and be amazed.
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2013 Red Bull Dreamline – Pat Casey Wins

The 2013 Red Bull Dreamline contest is over. We have seen two videos already (video 1 and video 2) and now we are waiting for the final highlights to make our jaws drop. But until then here are the results. Pat Casey went home with gold, TJ Ellis with silver and Kyle Baldock with bronze. Stay tuned.

Josh Matthews On Unit Clothing

Young Aussie shredder Josh Matthews got himself a new sponsor and it is no other than a big clothing brand from Down Under, Unit Clothing.
“Unit is excited to announce the signing 16 year old BMX rider Josh Matthews.
Josh, based on the Gold Coast, Australia, has joined the team under the guidance of recent double X Games gold medal winner Kyle Baldock, who also made his start with Unit at a young age before going on to become one of the best BMX riders in the world today.
Kyle has been keeping a close eye on Josh for sometime now, and is more than happy to mentor and help develop his talent so that when the time is right Josh has the best chance of succeeding on the world-stage.
“Josh has the style and motivation we’re looking for in a riders,” says Kyle. “He is a kid who is constantly blowing up with new tricks, and you have to keep a close eye on him as you never know what he is going to try next. I’ve been riding with Josh for a while now, he is a cool kid, learn fast, and wants it real bad. I see myself in him more so than any other rider I’ve come across. It is great to have Josh join the team and I look forward to being a mentor to him in the coming years.”
For Jpsh the opportunity to join Unit’s BMX team and work closely with Kyle is a dream come true and he is determined to make the most of it, saying, “I am really stoked about the opportunity to work closely with Kyle, and Unit has a solid BMX team so it feels great to be a part of it. My aim is to reach Kyle’s level in the sport winning events like X Games, and to have him there to guide me along the way will make things a lot easier as he knows the deal. Yeah I am pretty excited about the future!”
Welcome to the Unit Family Josh!
Follow Josh on his social media page:
Instagram – JoshMatthews”

Kyle Baldock – Frontflip To Fakie

I am not really sure, but is this the world first? Even if it is not, I haven’t seen it before and it is crazy, Kyle Baldock pulled a super clean frontflip to fakie. Expect to see this one in an edit, or at a contest highlights very soon.
For now Watch It here.

Red Bull – Simple Session 2013

You already forgot about the Simple Session 2013? Well, lets remember it all together by watching this Red Bull edit, filmed on the very last day, when the best trick and finals were happening. The level of riding is insane and we know it and I really have no idea what we can expect for 2014.
Riding from Kevin Peraza, Stevie Churchill, Bruno Hoffmann, Devon Smillie, Harry Main, Kyle Baldock, Dan Foley and more.
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