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Kyle Baldock Is Ready For X Games Barcelona

Double X Games gold medalist Kyle Baldock is ready for the X Games in Barcelona. Hear from him, his opinion about two gold medals, how you need to go 110% and also some pretty damn wild skatepark moves, filmed at the GC Compound. Barcelona is going to be wild.
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X Games Brazil – Park, Dirt & Big Air Highlights

The 2013 X Games in Brazil are over and here are the highlights from the park, dirt and big air contests. You will be seeing madness from Kyle Baldock, Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Brandon Dosch, Zack Warden, Vince Byron, Chad Kagy and more.

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X Games Brazil Results

After the jump you can check the results from the X Games Brazil and above you can watch Kyle Baldock’s winning park run. Kyle not only won park, he also dominated dirt. And Jamie Bestwick once again showed who is the best in the world when it comes to vert riding.
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Kyle Baldock Video Bike Check

Guys over at the Alli Sports are back with a fresh new installment in the Setup series, where the caught up with Kyle Baldock. He runs your through is Total setup and nails down some insanity at the GC Compound. It is ridiculous how smooth Kyle is pulling all those video game tricks.
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Kyle Baldock And Logan Martin Training For Olympics 2

What the hell did I just watch now? Insane stunt from one of Australia’s finest park riders Kyle Baldock and Logan Martin. These two are pretty much unreal. All the doubles are next level and pulled just perfectly and than that flair tailwhip to barspin, sick. Watch and be amazed. Todd Meyn and Chance Brejnakowski also joined them on a training.
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BMX Trivia – Kyle Baldock Vs Harry Main

Monster Energy teammates Kyle Baldock and Harry Main found themselves in a new episode of Alli Sports’ Head2Head series. It was a tight one, but if you wanna find who won and got the most answers right, you need to watch it above.
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Kyle Baldock At Woodward West

Kyle Baldock at Woodward West – More BMX Videos

OK, you know the edit of Kyle Baldock at Woodward West that you will watch above is going to be sick. What is more important is, that this is not his normal park edit, he actually gets things done a bit more streetish, if you don’t count the hop backflip and a few other big moves. Must see.
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Total BMX At Simple Session 2013

Is Total BMX the first brand that dropped it’s version of Simple Session 2013? I guess so. Watch Kevin Peraza, Kyle Baldock, Daniel Sandoval, Jack Watts, Todd Meyn and Georgia Wheaty completely destroying the course with ridiculous and next level tricks.
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Simple Session 2013 Qualifying Highlights By Freedom

More BMX Videos
Have you watched any of the highlights from the Simple Session 2013 qualifying yet? I am sure you have and you will do it one more time, because I know you get stoked every time. Technical and wild stunts from Brian Kachinsky, Kyle Baldock, Todd Meyn, Kevin Peraza, Anthony Perrin, Tom Dugan and many more.
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Simple Session 2013 Qualifying Results

The 2013 Simple Session in Tallinn, Estonia qualifying event is over. All you who watched the whole show live behind your computers, or even better, all you who were there in person, witness, once again, some unreal riding. Some riders were using more the street course, some the ramps and there were some who used almost every single obstacle. For all you who missed it, we now have the qualifying results and the 24 riders who will compete in the finals tomorrow. Check it after the jump and get ready for highlights that will drop in a matter of hours.
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