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Chance Brejnakowski On Hitch UK

I hope you still know what Hitch is and who is founder of Hitch. Let me remember you. Hitch is a lace/belt brand from Australia, founded by Kyle Baldock. Hitch now expanded to the UK and added Chance Brejnakowski to their team, as the first team member.
“Hitch UK are please to announce that we have signed Chance Brejnakowski as our first BMX rider. It makes sense to add Chance as he is on the Hitch Official Team based out in Australia and plans to spend his time between the UK and Australia. We plan to grow HiTcH UK and run a few comps and different things through the years.”

New Best BMX Tricks 4

This guy Paul Calviere released a new compilation of best BMX tricks, that were pulled over the past year at various contests and random sessions. Featuring Andy Buckworth, Harry Main, Kyle Baldock, Brett Banasiewicz, Garrett Reynolds, Mark Webb and many more. Press play and enjoy.
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Kyle Baldock Best Of Dew Tour San Francisco

Here is a compilation of the best tricks, that Kyle Baldock pulled during the dirt contest at Dew Tour stop in San Francisco. Kyle nailed down all bunch of insane and mind blowing tricks with a cliffhanger frontflip that got him on the top spot in the best trick contest. Get ready for some madness.
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Intro To Hitch With Kyle Baldock

We saw Todd Meyn yesterday going wild for Hitch and now we have Kyle Baldock here introducing you to his all new brand Hitch, which is a new lace company, bring out a different concept, a bit easier, of tightening. Kyle also nails down a few crazy moves like always.
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Hitch – Todd Meyn

Here is a short and wild edit from Aussie Todd Meyn doing it for Hitch, Kyle Baldock’s shoelace company. He first shows you how to install this new “belt” concept and than throws down some big stuff at this concrete skatepark. The backflip tailwhip was huge.
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Dew Tour Live – Kyle Baldock

Erica Yary sat down with Kyle Baldock after the dirt finals in San Francisco to talk about the competition, competitors, crazy huge jumps, making music, preparing for contests, Halloween and much more.
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San Francisco Dew Tour – Dirt Best Trick

San Francisco Dew Tour: Dirt Best Trick – More BMX Videos

More footage from the 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Dirt best trick competition featuring Kyle Baldock, Kevin Peraza, TJ Ellis, Anthony Napolitan, Colton Satterfield, James Foster and Pat Casey. If you are down for some crazy wild tricks, enjoy.
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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Dirt – GoDaddy Best Trick Highlights

Kyle Baldock, James Foster, Colton Satterfield, TJ Ellis, Kevin Peraza and more competing in the GoDaddy best trick contest during the 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Dirt. Baldock won with an amazing front flip cliffhanger.
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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Dirt Finals Highlights

And now, get ready for the dirt finals highlights at 2012 Dew Tour in San Francisco where Ryan Nyquist took the win, followed by TJ Ellis and Colton Satterfield. Also featuring riding from Dennis Enarson, Kyle Baldock, Luke Parslow, Kevin Peraza and James Foster.
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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Dirt Finals & GoDaddy Best Trick Results

The 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco dirt finals are over and so is the GoDaddy best trick contest. Riders went crazy over those massive dirt jumps, but Ryan Nyquist was the guy who made everything perfect and won the comp, followed by TJ Ellis and Colton Satterfield. There was also a GoDaddy best trick contest going on over the jumps with Kyle Baldock taking the win, pulling a cliffhanger frontflip, James Foster getting second, pulling bar to bar back to downside tailwhip, and Colton Satterfield third, with barspin to tailwhip backflip.