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Kyle Baldock Collaborates With THX

Dew Tour teamed up with DJ Skee and THX to produce original tracks for the Dew Tour programing on NBC Sports. They called Kyle Baldock to tell them what what he fells and to help them out picking the right tunes.
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2012 ASA Triples At OC Fair

2012 ASA Triples at OC Fair – More BMX Videos

Highlights from 2012 ASA Triples at OC Fair featuring Brett Banasiewicz, Ryan Nyquist, Kyle Baldock, Zack Warden, Daniel Sandoval, TJ Ellis, Pat Casey, James Foster, Mike “Hucker” Clark and more. Big tricks went down like 1080s, triple tailwhips, frontflip taulwhips and 720 double tailwhip.
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Dew Tour Ocean City Park Finals Highlights & Results

Dew Tour Ocean City park finals are over and here are the highlights with some of the best tricks pulled at the contest. Riders were really pulling amazing and unbelievable stuff, but Brett Banasiewicz was the one who scored the top spot, with Kyle Baldock on second place and Scotty Cranmer on third. For full results click read more, but first be amazed by the riding above.
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Dew Tour Ocean City Park Semi-Finals Results

Scotty Cranmer came first at the semi-finals at Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland followed by Brett Banasiewicz, Ryan Nyquist, Kyle Baldock, Daniel Sandoval, Harry Main, Andy Buckworth, Gary Young, Chad Kerley, Pat Casey and Drew Bezanson.

Dew Tour Ocean City Park Prelims Highilghts

Highlights from Dew Tour Park in Ocean City, Maryland featuring Ryan Nyquist, Kyle Baldock, Daniel Sandoval, Harry Main, Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey and Brett Banasiewicz. It is crazy how good park riding became, I am sure judges had a hard work judging all these riders.
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Ocean City Dew Tour Park Prelim Results

The Dew Tour park prelim in Ocean City is over with Brett Banasiewicz taking the first spot with his consistency, Pat Casey on second place and Drew Bezanson taking the third. Eleven riders, our of 26, advanced to semi-finals, find who they are after the jump.
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How To Double Tailwhip With Kyle Baldock

Kyle Baldock sure is one of the best guys when it comes to double tailwhips, so watch his how to double tailwhip above.
“Kyle Baldock’s bag of tricks is deep and a double tailwhip is a staple for BMX professionals, so find yourself a 12 foot quarter pipe and let Kyle teach you a pro staple. You need to be comfortable airing high out of the quarter pipe and have your single tailwhips on lock, after that is all about speed. It may seem a bit scarier, but Kyle is convinced that it is less about the kick and more about the speed when you leave the lip that seals the deal with double tailwhips. Watch and learn as one of the best breaks down the double tailwhip in this Step By Step with Kyle Baldock.”Alli
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Bob Manchester At The BMX Worlds 2012

Bob Manchester and filmer Mike King went to Cologne, Germany last month for the BMX Worlds 2012. Unfortunately Bob took it hard during practice and wasn’t able to compete. Watch a few clips of Bob riding the course along with Ben Wallace, Kevin Peraza, Andy Buckworth and Kyle Baldock.
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Kyle Baldock Talks About Dew Tour & Future Aspirations

You will find Kyle Baldock above talking about filming for edits (He is filming for a new Total edit right now), Dew Tour and related things along with clips from Dew Tour park and dirt contests.
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Mongoose Jam 2012 Highlights

More BMX Videos
Highlights from the Mongoose Jam 2012 dirt, park and street competitions that went down a few day ago at Woodward West in Tehachapi, California. I don’t know which was crazier, Big Daddy’s tailwhip to ice or Brian Kachinsky’s 180 to ice down the rail.
Featuring Ben Wallace, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Kevin Peraza, TJ Ellis, Todd Meyn, Andy Buckworth, Kyle Baldock, Christian Rigal, Paul Ryan, Stevie Churchill and more.
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