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BMX Worlds 2012 – Dirt Finals Highlights

Here are one of the best highlights from BMX Worlds 2012 Dirt final, brought to you by Steijn Leijzer. Enjoy in some dirt madness from Ben Wallace, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Daniel Sandoval, Cory Nastazio, Kevin Peraza, Anthony Napolitan, Brett Banasiewicz, Ryan Nyquist, Kyle Baldock and the rest of the competitors.
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ASA Triples BMX Comp Highlights

“Some of the best riders in the world get together to battle it out in the ASA Triples at the Orange County Fair July 25th and 26th. Kyle Baldock, Brett Banasiewicz, Colton Satterfield, Ryan Nyquist, Brandon Dosch, Anthony Napolitan, James Foster, Daniel Sandoval, TJ Ellis, Mike Clark, Pat Casey, and more.”– 220 Films

Total BMX At The Ghetto Shed

Total BMX at The Ghetto Shed – More BMX Videos

When you put the Total BMX team, including Daniel Sandoval, Ricky Mosely, Kevin Peraza, David Peraza, Mark Webb, Andrew Ahumada, Kyle Baldock, Jack Watts, Georgia Wheaty and Alex Coleborn, into the Ghetto Shed, you know crazy and wild things will happen and exactly this is what the above edit is all about. Madness.
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Alli “Head2Head” – Kyle Baldock Vs Daniel Dhers

Alli Sports are back with a new installment in the “Head2Head” featuring Kyle Baldock and Daniel Dhers answering on questions like who was the first Dew Tour winner, who invented the tailwhip to tailwhip back, what year Mirra did the first double backflip and more. Guess who won?
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Total BMX At BMX Worlds 2012

Total BMX’s riders Jack Watts, Andrew Ahumada, Ricky Moseley, Daniel Sandoval, Kevin Peraza, David Peraza, Kyle Baldock and Todd Meyn, actually the whole team minus Chance Brejankowski were at BMX Worlds 2012 in Cologne, Germany this past weekend. All went crazy like always, so seat back and relax while watching some wild park riding.
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2012 BMX Worlds – Dirt Finals

2012 BMX Worlds: Dirt Finals – More BMX Videos

Here are highlights from the 2012 BMX Worlds Dirt finals in Cologne, Germany featuring Kyle Baldock, Ryan Nyquist, James Foster, Anthony Napolitan, Brett Banasiewicz, Rob Darden, Andy Buckworth, Brandon Dosch, Big Daddy, Ben Wallace and more.
For the final results, click here.
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2012 BMX Worlds – Dirt Qualifiers

2012 BMX Worlds: Dirt Qualifiers – More BMX Videos

Mike “Hucker” Clark, Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Kyle Baldock, Andy Buckworth, Brandon Dosch, Anthony Napolitan, Brett Banasiewicz and more getting wild and trying to pull the best moves possible at 2012 BMX Worlds dirt qualifying.
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Vans Team At X Games 18

Here are highlights from Vans team riding street, park and vert at the X Games 18. Featuring Scotty Cranmer, Dakota Roche, Pat Casey, Bas Keep, Kyle Baldock, Coco Zurita, Chase Hawk, Gary Young, Sean Sexton, Dennis McCoy and Simon Tabron.
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Relentless NASS Pro Park Finals Video & Results

More BMX Videos
Ride UK dropped video highlights from the Relentless Energy Drink NASS 2012 prop park finals featuring Kyle Baldock, Mark Webb, Daniel Sandoval, Matt Priest, Alex Coelborn, Ben Hennon, Todd Meyne and more.
Find out the results after the jump.
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Relentless NASS Pro Park Qualifying Video & Results

More BMX Videos
Day 2 of Relentless Enery Drink NASS is over. Unfortunately dirt and street still didn’t happen because of the rain, so riders were warming up the crowd inside. Here are the highlights featuring some crazy riding from Mike Miller, Matt Priest, Kyle Baldock, Harry Main, Mark Webb, Ben Hennon, Kevin Peraza and more. Get results after the jump.

Also check bellow some clips from qualifying along with insights from Relentless riders Lima, Matt priest and Bjorn Mager.

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