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Unit – Super Slow Motion With Kyle Baldock Teaser

Unit teamed up with Monster Energy to film “one of the most incredible BMX videos ever captured” with Kyle Baldock. This edit will be filmed with 1000fps using $250,000 Phantom Flex camera in Warner Brothers Studios on the Gold Coast, Australia. The official edit drops on June 21st.
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Life In The Circus With Kyle Baldock

By watching this edit you will get a day in the life with Kyle Baldock during the show day in Adelaide. He gets done some riding at the local skatepark to warm and prepare himself for the show and right before the show he throws a few whips on a scooter and after that the fun starts.
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Victoria Mix Feat Baldock, Ahumada, Finnigan, McComb & More

Victoria Mix Feat Baldock, Ahumada, Finnigan, McComb, and More – More BMX Videos

A new skatepark mix from Victoria, Australia featuring Adam Stone, Kyle Baldock, Steve Van Ginneken, Andrew Ahumada, Chris Finnigan, Dave McComb and more. So many crazy and really good riders are right now in Australia and this is exactly what this edit shows. The superman seat-grab to tailwhip was pretty sweet.
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Baldock, Ahumada, Girsch & Piantra At Gorge Rd Jumps

A really wild session at the George Rd Jumps in Queenstown, New Zealand with Kyle Baldock, Andrew Ahumada, David Girsch, Cam Pianta and a bunch of friends. Can this trails be any more perfect? Seen on Unit.
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Best Of BMX Tailwhips From Dew Tour

Alli Sports made a nice collection of best tailwhips from 2010 and 2011 Dew Tour from Luke Parslow, Daniel Dhers, Dennis Enarson, Brett Banasiewicz, Brandon Dosch, Kyle Baldock and Ben Wallace. Enjoy the ebauty of whips.
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How To Wall Tap With Kyle Baldock

“Kyle Baldock just made wall taps a whole lot easier with his breakdown in this Step By Step. Kyle says you need to find a big enough wall near your quarterpipe and when you air out toward it to hold your back brake and really plant your back tire on the wall to absorb all of you weight and push into the wall.”Alli.
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Kyle Baldock Double Flair Attempt

Not really into posting single clips up here, but I found this one really amazing. Watch Kyle Baldock’s double flair attempt at this mini ramp. OK I understand riders doing it on a vert ramp, but miniramp? Maybe they will start pulling it on a 1 foot high ramps?
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The Hunt – Kyle Baldock

In case you missed or just didn’t get a chance to watch Kyle Baldock’s section from The Hunt, you must do it now. Crazy frontflips, bar catch bars to footjam on hig sub-box, fast spins and much more.

“There is no doubt that Australians Kyle Baldock is the future of ramp riding. After an amazing year competing overseas placing 3rd in Dirt & Park at the Dew Tour series. Baldock has had a lot to overcome. With the passing of his younger brother only 2weeks before he was off to America to live for 6months, Kyles made that his inspiration. Doing it for his younger brother and all his family and friends back home in Australia. Kyle and myself received a huge invitation to film a video part for The Hunt BMX competition. Here is our entry. Filmed in Greenville, North Carolina July 2011.
Placing 5th and receiving a spot on The Hunt Season One DVD.”
Brett Trigg.
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Alli “Picture This” – Kyle Baldock

I am always asking myself where and how does the houses and apartments of pro riders look like. Here Alli did a house check with one of the best riders in the world, Kyle Baldock.
“Kyle Baldock opens up his house and invites us in to check his digs and meet his dogs Weezy, Cash and Tilly. Sure the fridge in his kitchen is a little oversized, but when you get Monster Energy by the caseload you can’t go wrong with a few extra cold ones. Peep Baldock’s house down under in Pittsworth Australia in his Picture This.”Alli.
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2012 Farm Jam – Kyle Baldock, Hucker, TJ Ellis & Jed Mildon

“Featuring Dew Tour winner Kyle Baldock, along with BMX dirt legends Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark, TJ Ellis, Jed Mildon, Andrew Ahumada and many more, the 2012 Unit Farm Jam went down recently in the deep south of New Zealand.
Presented by Unit Clothing, the Farm Jam is located on the picturesque Frew Farm. The Frew brothers have spent years carving the amazing one-of-a-kind dirt courses out of the rolling green hillsides that surround their family home, and love to invite riders from all around the world to experience it with them.
Imagine endless rolling hills, your own digging machinery, private fishing spots, bikes and a heap of good friends to share it with!
Take a trip with Kyle, Hucker, TJ and the rest of the crew as they let loose on the secluded farm. Not just a regular contest, the Farm Jam is an experience.”
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