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Kym Grosser And Mick Bayzand Prahran Jibs

pran jibs from Kym Grosser on Vimeo.

Kym Grosser dropped this sweet edit from the Prahran concrete skatepark he filmed with Mick Bayzadn. Lot of pegs stuff in here, so all you grinders out there, don’t miss this one, you might get an idea for your next grind combo.
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Still Bleeding Black And Blue – Daniel Jamieson, Kym Grosser And Mick Bayzad Section

Daniel Jamieson with Kym Grosser & Mick Bayzand “Still Bleeding Black & Blue” Part from Deprae Films on Vimeo.

This is the Daniel Jamieson part from the Still Bleeding Black and Blue video featuring gests Kym Grosser and Mick Bayzad. Things are getting really crazy in here, especially when it gets to that last clip, well, to the crash before the last clip actually. Aussie are nuts.
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Blazeguard – Kym Grosser

This one is too good not to be watched for at least five times. Kym Grosser’s section from the Blazeguard DVD includes so much crazy good stuff, from rails, to big 360 and his unreal nothings. You better start pressing the play button, cause I won’t let you go until you watch his section. Relax and enjoy.
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Kym Grosser And Mick Bayzand In Melbourne

I must be honest with you guys, I didn’t expect this one to be this freaking good. Kym Grosser and Mick Bayzand put the GoPro Black Edition to test and hit street of Melbourne, Australia and here is what they got. Both pretty much killed it, but I missed a street style nothing from Kym.
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Afray 2013 Mixtape – Volume 1

Afray crew from Down Under never disappoints and their first installment in the series of mixtapes is a good proof. Tom Stretton, Liam Zingbergs, Raph Jeorma-Williams, Mitchell Mcdonald, Benn Pigot and Kym Grosser with a damn good mix of park and street shredding that you must not miss. Hit play and enjoy.
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Focalpoint – The Package #8

The eight installment in Focalpoint’s The Package is nothing but good stuff and good riding. Awesome street riding, rail and ledges grinding, gapping and technical moves from Sam Illman, Daniel Johnson, Luke Vandenberg, Marnold, Cooper Brownlee, Lachy Swanton, Mick Bayzand, Alex Bolton, Phil Del Tito, Troy Charlesworth, Kym Grosser, Barney, Chirs Finnigan, Kevin Kiraly and Jack Kelly.
If you still don’t have the copy of a DVD they made with all wight video along with twenty five minutes of crashes and b-rolls, go and get yourself a copy on their web shop.
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The Set – Darkness Upon Melbourne

Levi Jackonia aka Darkness threw a few sessions down at the Prahran and City skateparks in Melbourne, Australia for this new The Set edit. Braspins, tailwhips, gaps, nose manuals and lines, plus there are some bonus clips from Kym Grosser in here.
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Strictly BMX – Kym Grosser Plaza Edit

Guys over at Strictly BMX just sent through Kym Grosser’s latest web edit. Usually Kym gets things done on the streets, but this time decided to hit a few plazas and skateparks around Melbourne, Australia. There is so much good things in this one, but I think that the tuck no-hander to icepick to barspin and that huge 360 gap to smith stood out, also need to mention that curved nose manual. Must see.
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Kym Grosser 1 Clip

Kym Grosser is filming for a new Strictly BMX edit and to get a little something on what to expect here is one clip he filmed at this concrete park.

Focalpoint – The Package #6

Watch Focalpoint’s newest The Package 6 edit featuring Marnold, Daniel Johnson, Jack Kelly, Cooper Brownlee, Phil Del Tito, Sam Illman, Kym Grosser, Jase Bannan, Luke Vandenberg and Lachy Swanton riding spots in Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide, Australia.
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