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Diamondback – Matt Closson 2013 Edit

Matt Closson put some heavy work over the past few months on the streets of southern California with Larry Alvarado behind the lens for his sponsor Diamondback. It is kinda pointless to start naming all those insane stuff that Matt pulled, cause I will ruin everything, so click play above and enjoy. TCU exclusive.
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The Manna Machine Mixtape

Larry Alvarado and The Manna Machine came out with a ridiculously good “Pure Energy” mixtape, that include for 24 minutes of amazing footage from riders like Raul Ruiz, Jesse Whaley, Eddie Hernandez, Chris Gille, Chris Brown and many many more. If you are chilling home, you definitely need to check this one out, especially if you are just in time to go riding.
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Larry Alvarado West Coast Sessions

Larry Alvarado West Coast Sessions – More BMX Videos

One and a half minute of heavy street and also skatepark moves around California and Nevada from Larry Alvarado. Larry sure do like putting his pegs to a good use and he did for this West Coast Sessions edit.
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The Manna Machine X Lil Mikey Bees Wax – Slime Green Wax Promo

The Manna Machine and Lil Mikey Bees Wax teamed up for a collaboration to get this pocket size Slime Green wax done. To show you that this wax works good on ledges (and rails) they waxed a few and let Larry Alvarado, Jourdan Barba, Tyler Kirkland and others do some damage to them. Looks like it grinds like on ice.
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Colony – Jourdan Barba Ten Clips

One of my favorite Colony rider, Jourdan Barba, spent some time at the Hunt and Rialto skatepark and filmed this pretty dope ten clips edit with Larry Alvarado. Jourdan has so much good grinds and grind combos in his bag and he pulls them with smooth style.
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Calling The Shots With Dylan Stark

Dylan Stark is one of those riders who can do pretty much everything the like, he can crank arm grind to barspin, or he can boost a massive backflip tailwhip without any bigger problems. Watch this calling the shots edit, full of madness, with guests Jourdan Barba and Larry Alvarado at the Desert Hot Springs skatepark.
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Left / Right DVD 2007 Full Length

Ryan Navazio dropped this amazing video of his from 2007 called Left / Right and is definitely worth a watch, if you haven’t seen it yet. features sections from Rob Wise, Larry Alvarado, Joe McIntire, Dave Belcher, Kurt Rasmussen, East Coast, Philly and West Coast mix along with the credits section. Enjoy.

Larry Alvarado “What’s this Paparazzi $#!+”?

West coast street shredding from Profile Racing’s, S&M’s and ODI’s Larry Alvarado. While he is out with friends and managed to spent some time not filming others, he gets stuff like this done. Rails and ledges, these are Larry’s specialty.
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Larry Alvarado Bike Check

Head over to the Profile Racing site to check out Larry Alvarrado’s current whip and one feeble grind on a rail. Unfortunately no parts list so you would need to guess which parts he is riding.

The Manna Machine “Pure Energy” Mixtape Trailer

Larry Alvarado from The Manna Machine just dropped this trailer for the upcoming “Pure Energy” Mixtape DVD, which will feature riders like Raul Ruiz, Shawn “Shitty” Mcintosh, Andrew Jackson, Mark Mulville, Dylan Stark, Daniel “Lil D” Martinez, Cory Nastazio, Kevin Kiraly and many many more. Find more info and how to get the DVD here.