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SE Bikes – 2013 Wrap Up

SE Bikes 2013 Wrap Up from SE Bikes on Vimeo.

To wrap up the year 2013 and to get into 2014 fresh, SE Bikes compiled some of their best clips from their team riders in this edit, that features Kris Fox, Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin, Josh Clemens, Larry Edgar, Ross Lanier and Fernando Sabat. SE has a heavy crew and if only best clips are put together from the whole year, you know only good and wild things will be going down.
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Larry Edgar For Stay Strong

This is pretty much mind blowing, for the riding side of view and from the filming and editing side of view. Larry Edgar serves with style, fast riding, big airs and tons of smooth stunts, while Dylan Pfohl is there, capturing everything on his camera and making one amazing web edit from Stay Strong. Oh and Johnny Cash is playing in the background what makes everything even better.
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Alli “My Five” – Larry Edgar

In this new episode of Alli Sports’ “My Five” interviews, they caught up with Larry Edgar at the Stay Strong Compound to talk about his favorite car, his plans for the summer, riding trails or ramps and more and filmed some stylish moves over the jumps.
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Session At Stephen Murray’s

Session at Stephen Murray’s – More BMX Videos

Pretty damn heavy session at Stephen Murray’s Stay Strong compound with Anthony Napolitan, Hucker, Brandon Dosch, Pat Casey, Fuzzy Hall, Jared Eberwein, Larry Edgar and more. Style for miles from all the riders and tons of really sick stunts. Enjoy.
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Dylan Pfohl – 2013 Mix

Dylan Pfohl moved to California in 2012 and since living there full time he got himself in several projects and here is a quick recap of some of the best moments he captured on his camera. Featuring Anthony Napolitan, Mike Payne, Chris Hughes, Matt Cordova, Dustin Grice, Jaie Toohey, Shaun Butler, Kris Fox, Larry Edgar, Big Daddy, Aj Anaya and many more.

Street Swarm – Santa Ana

Dylan Pfohl threw together a little recap from the Street Swarm jam that went down this past weekend in Santa Ana, California. That fun little setup gets pretty much destroyed by Big Daddy, Larry Edgar, Chris Hughes, Dan Norvell, Jourdan Barba and others.
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SE Bikes – Larry Edgar Winter 2013 So Cal Edit

SE Bikes rider Larry Edgar start the year of 2013 with a fresh new web edit full of good skatepark, street and trails riding. This guy has no problems with going big over jump boxes, pulling more than one trick while being on the air or getting 180 drops done.
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SE Bikes Vegas Vacation

SE Bikes riders Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin, Larry Edgar, Fernando Sabat and special guest Jonathan “Pedro” Kikawa recently took a quick trip to Las Vegas to hit concrete skateparks and streets. The came back with five minutes worth of footage for your viewing pleasure. There are some really clean slow motion shots in this one. Enjoy.
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The Guettler Tour

Oh man, I really enjoyed every single second of this edit, well, how couldn’t I enjoy, when you have Ryan Guettler, Pat Casey, Tj Ellis, Kevin Peraza, Larry Edgar and Victor Salazar all together on a trip, with the Guettler bus, from California to Tucson, Arizona. There is so much good stuff in this one, that it’s not worth naming tricks, because it will ruin everything. All I can say, everyone really killed it and had tons of fun while cruising around. Must see.
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The Guettler Tour Teaser

Ryan Guettler got together with Pat Casey, Tj Ellis, Kevin Peraza, Larry Edgar and Victor Salazar and took them on a trip from SoCal to Tucson to raise money for Brett Banasiewicz and for ARF. Dylan Pfohl and Casey McPerry went with them to film all the madness that went down. Casey threw together this teaser to teas you and to give you an idea what was going on over there.
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