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Matt Closson – Leaving Las Vegas

“Diamond Back’s Matt Closson has lived in Las Vegas for the last five years and is about to head back to California. Vegas has treated him well — helping him expand his riding and giving him the opportunity to pick up a few new sponsors (Diamond Back and Osiris). In the above video, Closson puts down some lines at one of his favorite Vegas spots while offering a little insight to life as a BMXer in Las Vegas.”– Aaron Nardi, ESPN
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Jared Eberwein In Las Vegas

Jared Eberwein in Las Vegas – More BMX Videos

Awesome new edit from Jared Eberwein filmed over the course of a few days in Las Vegas, Nevada hitting different street and skatepark spots. Regular whips, opposite whips, double whips, barspins, tuck no handers and much more.
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Macneil – Dorito Tacos Edit

Drove to Las Vegas and got Dorito Tacos edit from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

Macneil riders Dillon, Greg and Lazerdick drove to Interbike back in September from Vancouver and made some stops along the way to rode skateparks.
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Vegas Dew Tour 2011

Vegas Dew Tour 2011 from Alex Vogt on Vimeo.

The video coverage of the 2011 Dew Tour finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. Who doesn’t like girls?
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Josh Betley’s Las Vegas Home

Over on the ESPN there is a house check with Josh Betley’s Las Vegas compound.

Las Vegas With Matt Closson

Take a tour around Las Vegas with Matt Closson showing different spots that city is offering.
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Dew Tour – Las Vegas Highlights

Dew Tour: Las Vegas Highlights – More BMX Videos

“Park, dirt, and vert highlights from the final Dew Tour stop of 2011. Riders include Dennis Enarson, Kyle Baldock, Hucker, Jamie Bestwick, Ben Wallace, Garrett Reynolds, Daniel Dhers, Mark Webb, and more.”VitalBMX.

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2011 Las Vegas Dew Tour – Vert Finals Video Highlights

“With this video the 2011 Dew Tour season is officially over. Check out highlights from the last big contest of the year including Vince Byron’s full winning run, Jamie Bestwick’s signature smooth style, and Steven McCann’s no-handed 900. All that, plus more, right here…”Ride BMX.
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2011 Las Vegas Dew Tour – Dirt Finals Video Highlights

Here are video highlights from dirt finals at 2011 Las Vegas Dew Tour. Kyle Baldock took the win followed by Ben Wallace and Brett Banasiewicz.
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2011 Las Vegas Dew Tour – Park Finals Video Highlights

Almost eight minutes of park riding from the 2011 Las Vegas Dew Tour are captured in the above video made by Ride BMX. The winner of the comp was Scotty Cranmer, on second place Dennis Enarson and on third Daniel Dhers.
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