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Texas Toast – Haro Best Trick And Highest Air Challenge

Old farts going all crazy at this courter pipe Haro build at the Texas Toast Jam for this best trick and highest air challenge. Riders like Leigh Ramsdell, Kevin Gutierrez, Troy McMurray, Eben Krackau, Fids and Pat Millar went high in the sky and also pulled plenty of super rad stuff and also crashed hard. This is awesome, seeing all these guys still shredding hard. Seen on Ride.
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Leigh Ramsdell Off Eastern Bikes

OK, something big is going on over at Eastern Bikes at the moment. Leigh Ramsdell was with Eastern since 2000, first at heir professional team rider and later as team managed and finally media creator, but now he is parting ways with them. Does this means Leigh is starting something new? Is he taking Karl Poynter and Zach Rogers with him also? Read word from Leigh and Mike Corley about the situation over on their site.

Nick NiGeroloma Off Eastern Bikes

Nick DiGeroloma and Eastern Bikes parted ways today. No more info where Nick is going next, but read below what they have to say about it.
“Nick DiGeroloma and Eastern Bikes are parting ways. Nick is an incredible rider and awesome person who kicked ass promoting Eastern and BMX in general. We wish Nick the best and can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves next. Thanks for everything Nick!”– Eastern Bikes
“It was a great opportunity to get to ride for Eastern Bikes. I had a lot of good time and met some great people from it. Thanks to everyone who helped me out, especially Leigh Ramsdell.“- Nick DiGeroloma

Eastern Bikes Mega Tour 9 Remix

Eastern Bikes did a remix of their Mega Tour 9 from back in 2009, where they sent Adam Banton, Eric Holley, Phil Jones, Karl Poynter and Leigh Ramsdell on a trip from Chicago to Minneapolis hitting different spots on the way. I need to say that I really miss Eric Holley and his riding, this dude was/is killing it so hard.
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Hal And Leigh’s Excellent Adventure (The Excellent Ending)

Leigh Ramsdell and Hal Brindley are the guys behind the Oldschool BMX project, where they are trying to get back 10 most famous T-shirt designs they printed while still owning their old brands. Here is a video to show you the story and the project they are trying to achieve. This is so awesome.
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Hal & Leigh’s Excellent Adventure Official Trailer

A little while ago Hal Brindley and Leigh Ramsdell started a Kickstarter site to rise funds for their Oldschool BMX T-shirt reprints project and since it went real good, they started a new project called Hal & leigh’s Excellent Adventure video. Above is the trailer for it, you can watch more on Kickstarter and if you dig it and want so see the whole, support it with a donation.

The Official Oldschool BMX Kickstarter Video

And here is the official Kickstarte video, that Hal Brindley and Leigh Ramsdell put together for their Oldschool project, where they will try to bring back their 2B, Play and Useless T-shirts. They are just a few hundred bucks away from the goal, so if you want to support them at this project, go to their Kickstarter page and donate.

Josh Perry Bike Check

Eastern Bikes did a bike check with Josh Perry and his Grim Reaper 7 machine for you to check out and Leigh Ramsdell also show a few photos of Josh boosting some air. You can find all you need about Josh’s bike on Eastern site.

Official Oldschool BMX Trailer

Leigh Ramsdell and Hal Brindley are working on a new project called Oldschool BMX, where they will try to bring back their old brands that they own, Useless, 2B and PLAY, or just some of the designs. For more informations visit web page.
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Eastern Bikes Best Of 2012 – Zachery Rogers

“Another year has gone by and we wanted to start off 2013 with a few Best Of videos. This one is of Zachery Rogers and it does not disappoint. I have to say I am stoked to have watched Zach progress from before he got on Eastern to now. And I am proud to call him a good friend. Here’s to 2013 buddy!”– Leigh Ramsdell, Eastern Bikes
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