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Ben Hucke And Levi Shredding The Yard

Ben Hucke and Levi in a quick “20 Seconds Tuesday” edit shredding the Lumberyard. I think it is time now Ben to put on cranks on Levi’s bike and let him start pedalling and cruising around.
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Davis Skatepark Chill Session

Ben Hucke, Cole Hucke and Levi Hucke having a chill session at the Davis skatepark. This park is really small, but all three bring out some action and I think, it is time to get Levi cranks and pedals on for the first bunnyhop and maybe grind.
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Life With Levi Hucke

Man, if this isn’t the most awesome stuff ever, I don’t know what is. It is so cool seeing Ben Hucke and his 3 and a half years old Levi hanging out together and also shredding local skatepark. Ben explains how the birth of his child changed his perspective on riding and life in general. Must see.
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Levi Hucke’s First Time At The Park

Levi’s first time at the park. from #something on Vimeo.

Ben Hucke’s 2 years old kid Levi riding the park for the first time.