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Liam Zingbergs Welcome To BSD

BSD – Liam Zingbergs – Welcome to the Team from BSD on Vimeo.

Last summer Liam Zingbergs headed over to Glasgow, Scotland where he hang out with the BSD crew and where he filmed this amazing welcome to the team edit. It is no secret that Liam is super technical rider and is pulling everything so clean and so smoothly. There are so many stand out clips in here, so hit play and see them all. Just amazing.
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BSD – In The Streets Of Moscow

BSD riders Alex Donnachie, Mike Taylor, Dan Paley, Luc Legrand and Liam Zingbergs spent month of July 2013 in Moscow, Russia to film for the last episode of the “In The Streets” series and came back with tons of really quality stuff. It is a heavy crew of riders we are talking about so you all know this is going to be madness. Seat back, relax and enjoy every second, cause I an sure you will.

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The Gully Factory – Clippeach – Unit 23

New in the series of Clippeach shower web episodes from The Gully Factory is here, featuring Liam Zingbergs, Sam Jones and Sean Lafferty, each getting a clip done at the Unit 23 indoor skatepark in Dumbarton, Scotland.
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Dub Streetjam – Glasgow

Dub Jam: Glasgow – More BMX Videos

Here is the first video from the Dub Streetjam that went down in Glasgow, Scotland, featuring Mike Curley, Dan Paley, Alex Donnachie, Sam Jones, Paul Ryan, Tony Malouf, Liam Zingbergs, Diogo Santos and more. The streets over there are amazing, but what is more amazing is the riding that went down from all of the shredders. Expect to see at least one more highlights from the day in the upcoming days. Enjoy.
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The Gully Factory – Clippeach – Camelback Plaza

The Gully Factory is back with a new piece in the series of Clippeach episodes featuring Liam Zingbergs, Jeff Wescott, Robbie Owen and Tony Malouf getting things done at the Camelback plaza.
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Liam Zingbergs Bike Check

BSD’S newest addition to the team, Liam Zingbergs, has a bike check up on their web site, where he is showing the world his current Beverage setup in 20.65.” The only thing he did to this bike is cutting his Giraffic bars to 28,” all the rest is out of the box.

The Gully Factory – Clippeach – Two Bench Spot

It has been a little while since we saw the last installment in The Gully Factory’s Clippeach, but here we are now with a fresh new one featuring Joey Motta, Liam Zingbergs and Jeff Wescott all throwing down one hot line.
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Liam Zingbergs On BSD

After parting ways with Colony a little while ago, the news is now here that Liam Zingbergs has joined the BSD crew. Just in time for the Russia trip, so you know there is going to be fresh new footage dropping in the future from this guy and the rest.

Little Black Bike – “More Feeling, More Fun!” Part 2

The second part of the “More Feeling, More Fun!” video series from the Little Black Bike shop that Ryan Lloyd is working on with Adelaide locals like Liam Zingbergs, Ryan Knight, Doug Underhill, Mike Moore and more. I really enjoy these videos and if you by any chance missed the first part, watch it now.
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Liam Zingbergs Off Colony

This is one big news from Colony and Liam Zingbergs, they parted ways. Does this mean there is already something new cooking over there?
“Liam Zingbergs has decided to move on from the Colony family to purse other avenues. It is always sad to see a team rider leave the family but we also know a rider need to do what they feel is right at the time. We do thank Liam for all his efforts over the years and wish him all the best in what every may be around the corner for him.”
“I want to thank Colony and Clint Millar for the last few years of support, it is much appreciated. Although it sucks, I’m excited to see what the future holds for both Colony and myself, thanks!”– Liam Zingbergs