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How To Barspin With Lima

We have seen a few how to barspin videos already but here is another one that wont hurt if you will watch, especially if you are still in the process of getting this trick locked in. N1Project teamed up with Lima to get all the informations you need before learning the trick and also to shot clips of the actual trick and combinations with it.
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Verde Oxbridge Frame Review With Matt Priest And Lima

Just came over this one and I am definitely stoked I did just in time before I am going on a trip. Verde UK riders Matt Priest and Lima runs you through their signature prototype frame, the Oxbridge and what is even better, there are some fine action clips along the web video for your viewing pleasure. Get all the frame details and a nice dose of style.
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New Ride UK Cover, Issue 180

Lima with an “inback,” how he calls this trick, to cover up Ride UK’s upcoming issue, the 180th issue. This was shot some time ago on a sunny day in Barcelona, Spain.

5 Things With Lima At Texas Toast

Ride UK dropped a really cool little article with Lima and his five things that happened because of the Texas Toast Jam, that they didn’t feature in the magazine. Also find out the story behind the tattoo that you see above.

Relentless Energy Pro Tips – Disaster To 180 With Lima

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Relentless Energy Drink rider Lima gets it step by step on how to do a disaster to 180 in on a quarter pipe at the Meanwhile skatepark in London. Lima explains two versions how to get that spin done, so click play above, watch and than go out and try it.
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Verde UK Tour 2012

Back in August Verde team, including Matt Priest, Lima, Jonny Devine, Martyn Tambling, Will Herrmann, Pierre Hinze, Brian Yeagle and Tony Neyer, made an UK shop tour visiting Blackburn, Bristol and Hasting. While on the road they hit various trails, skateparks and street spots and this is the edit they managed to film. To bad Neyer and Yeagle got hurt. Must see.
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Relentless Energy Pro Tips – The 540 With Lima

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Relentless Energy Drink pro rider Lima gives you all the basic tip you need to know before learning a 540 over a box jump. Make sure you master the 360 and roll back first before starting with the 540.
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Verde In Romania Photogallery

The Albion has a bunch of really awesome photos documenting Verde’s recent trip to Romania with Brian Yeagle, Martyn Tambling, Johnny Devine, Matt Priest and Lima. If you missed the edit, you must watch it now.

Verde BMX Team In Romania

Now this is something you definitely don’t wanna miss this weekend. Verde team, including Brian Yeagle, Martyn Tambling, Johnny Devine, Matt Priest and Lima recently took a train trip to Bucharest, Romania to search for new and unique spots. I have been in Bucharest a few years back and I saw some of this spots they have ridden and must say that some are really crazy and hard to ride. Overall, they came back with a really dope six minutes long edit of street spots, parks, bowls, abandoned velodrome and more.
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Verde Lima Bars Available Now

Liam Eltham’s aka Lima’s signature Verde bars are available now worldwide. If you don’t know much about these bars, check out a preview that The Merged made a few months back.