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Odyssey – Linear Slic Kable – Tested / Proven

Linear Slic Kable. Tested. Proven. from Odyssey BMX on Vimeo.

Ever wandered how Odyssey’s new Linear Slic Kable is made? Check above and also take a look at the testing procedure.
“We are dedicated to improving our cable’s technical features, so we recently began selling all of our Linear Slic Kable® with our new K-Shield™ housing. This new design greatly improves the housing’s compression strength. To illustrate the difference we performed a test. As you can see, all “linear” cables are not created equal. The Odyssey Linear Slic Kable® with K-Shield™ has a compression strength that is nearly 70% greater than its nearest competitor. What this means for you is longer cable life and improved reliability.
When it comes to cables, don’t fall for the same old sales pitch. They’re not all the same. We know that you’ll appreciate the long life of these cables as much as we do. K-Shield™ is included on every Linear Slic Kable® that we make.”
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