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Dusty Lads 2

Dusty lads are back with the second mixtape video featuring riding from Jossian Clark, Martin Grade, Daniel Niles, Stephen Mathew, Lloyd Wright, Ivan Maslarov, Svetoslav Nikolov, Mike Morgan, Timeel Lewis and Daniel Frampton. Street of London getting destroyed by some solid shredding from each and every one.
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Kink “Off The Clock” Ad – Lloyd Wright

A behind the scene look at shooting Kink’s “Off The Clock” print ad featuring Lloyd Wright having a tea party with the queen. They set the table and chairs, brought cookies, made tea and added some spices to it. Kink really came out with a solid idea with making this OTC print ads. Scroll down a little bit to check the final product.

Almond – Lloyd Wright 3 Clips

The Source is selling black Almond Valley shoes exclusively and to promote them Almond rider, Lloyd Wright, fired out three street clips. Sometimes three clips are just enough to get you pumped up.
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Kink “Squash It” Full Video

This is something you will be very stoked about it. Kink uploaded their whole Squash It DVD to their youtube channel, section by section and here it is now, ready for you to watch it. If you haven’t already this is a must, so don’t wait and start pressing play buttons above and after the jump and watch sections from Dan Coller, Chris Doyle, Aaron Smith, Darryl Tocco, Lloyd Wright, Ben Hittle, KC Badger, Tom Dillon, Chad Osburn, Sean Sexton, Tony Hamlin, Mix section and credits. Enjoy.
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Lloyd Wright Almond Footwear Ad

Almond Footwear’s latest print ad featuring Lloyd Wright jumping over this rail somewhere in Miami to promote the Estate shoes. This ad could be found it the next issue of the French Figure magazine.

Kink Bikes #Justcruising

It is trips like this why I love BMX the most. Kink Bikes crew recently boarded the Royal Caribbean “Freedom of the Seas” for a week of relaxation in Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico. Sean Sexton, Aaron Smith, Darryl Tocco, Tony Hamlin, Ben Hittle, Chris Doyle and Lloyd Wright were enjoying the cruise, sun, drinks and some not-before ridden spots. Must see.
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[Re-Up] Almond In Miami + David Grand On The Team

Almond Shoes riders Jared Washington, Jeff Kocsis, Lloyd Wright, Iz Pulido and David Grant (yep David, this video is also welcoming him to the team) recently spent some time in sunny Miami, hitting streets, filming and enjoying the life. The trip is now over and they came out with this amazing piece that was made by no other that Darryl Tocco. Enjoy in some really smooth street riding from the whole crew.
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Odyssey – Lloyd Wright And Jared Swafford

When Lloyd Wright was in Austin, Texas, he and Jared Swafford hopped on motorcycles and cruised around, did some fishing and of course riding. Odyssey was there to capture some of the moments and now put them together in this flipbook for you to check out.

Making Kink “Squash It”

Defgrip asked Ben Hittle, Sean Sexton, Aaron Smith, Darryl Tocco, Lloyd Wright, Dan Coller, Tony Hamlin and Chris Doyle to remember one of the most memorable moment from filming for the new Kink “Squash It” DVD.

Lloyd Wright Bike Check And Wallpaper

Odyssey caught up with their UK connection Lloyd Wright, while he was staying in Austin, Texas, to shots a few photos of his bike for his new bike check. Flip through the flipbook above and find all the parts he is running at the end.
The photo that you will see in the bike check above is also used for their and yours newest wallpaper.