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Lotek Spring / Summer 2014 Shoes Look Book

People over at Lotek Brand threw together this look book to show you their 2014 spring/summer collection of shoes they will have to offer. There you will find Garrett Reeves’ “Reeves” signature model, Mike Hoder’s “BTM” signature model, Craig Passero’s “Fader” signature model and Mike Aitken’s “Nightwolf” signature model. I saw a lot of canvas, I mean, A lot of canvas. I am not the biggest fan of canvas upper, especially when it comes to shoes for riding, the just rip so quickly, but it is Lotek we are talking about, so they know what they are doing. For cruising and chilling canvas upper is fine, but nothing can beat true leather shoe when it comes to riding.
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Eurobike 2013 – Lotek

Today is the last day of Eurobike Show 2013 in Friedrichshafen, Germany and I was over there this past Wednesday in search for all the new stuff BMX companies are bringing out along with checking out all the other bicycle scene, road bike, MTB, electric bike and more.
Here are photos I took of the new Lotek line of shoes. Mike Hoder’s signature BTM shoes are above and after the jump you can find Nightwolfs, Garrett Reeves’, Faders and the old Mike’s shoes. The shoes are looking really good and they feel great in the hand. The only think it bothered me for a little is the weight of the BTM shoes, I found those quite heavy. Or maybe it is just me, because I am used to pretty light shoes.
Shoese are out now, so contact your local shop or favourite mail order and get yourself a pair.
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Lotek Mike Hoder “BTM” Shoes Promo

A quick little promotional video with Mike Hoder promoting his signature BTM shoes from Lotek. Not much riding in here, but there is one clips and that one clip is powerful for quite a few. The complete new line from Lotek is now available, so cruise over to their site and check out what they have to offer.
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Lotek 2013 Back To School Shoes

People over at Lotek threw together these flipbook to show you what shoes they got in store for you for the 2013 back to school line. The Reeves, the Fader, the Nightwolf and the BTM along with their all new insole. Check them out above and also check a few action clips from Garrett Reeves and Craig Passero.
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New Lotek Web Site

The Lotek web site was down for a bit, but look what happened, they refreshened it and added more black to it. Head over there and check out all the apparel line, shoe line, team, what they have in the news section and more.

Lotek – Caleb Quanbeck 2013 Edit

Caleb Quanbeck just made the move from Portland to Corona, California and he is already getting friends with all the street spots. TCU dropped his new 2013 Lotek edit, where you will see some insane street riding. I don’t remember seeing a long one-footed nose manual to nose manual to barspin before. That thing was nuts.
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Lotek – Shawn McIntosh 2013 Edit

Shawn McIntosh and Aaron Brenner cruised around Los Angeles for a few days and filmed this amazing new Lotek web edit. Shawn likes getting manuals and nose manuals done, likes putting pegs to use and most importantly, he isn’t afraid of clearing big drops and jumping over barb wire. Enjoy.
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New Lotek Apparel

Now Lotek stuff everyone. The shoes should be available anytime now and now they also dropped the news that they just got all their new T-shirt designs and hats. Tees are long and slim to make you cool when cruising around, either on your bike, or drinking a cup of coffee in a bar.

New Lotek Sticker Sheets

You are looking at the new Lotek sticker sheets that will be available in a matter of days. Hit your local shop or contact your favorite mail order to make a reservation.

New Lotek Site

Lotek updated the old page with a brand new, real clean design, web site. Make your way over there to check it out and to check all their new shoes. I really like the new BTM version.