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Luc Legrand Animal Bikes 2014 Web Edit

ANIMAL – Luc Legrand 2014 from frenchys on Vimeo.

The one and only, the street assassin, the French Animal Bikes rider through Frenchys Distribution, Luc Legrand is back with a new street web edit. You can never really go wrong with any of Luc stuff and this new piece he filmed as his 2014 web edit for the brand is pure goodness. From really creative stuff to some seriously insane moves. Just like that last gap to icepick grind, that was freaking mental. I do not know what they was thinking when picking up the song, but still, in some way it fits good with his style. You will definitely be not disappointed after watching this Luc Legrand madness and there is a huge chance it will make you watch it for at least one more time if not even more. Enough with the words now, hit play and enjoy the video ad be amazed.
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The Good Life With Luc Legrand

The Good Life with Luc Legrand from The Matty Brown on Vimeo.

Matty Brown spent three days with Luc Legrand cruising around France in his house on wheels. Luc and his father converted a work van into this small apartment on wheels, or how Matty is calling it, to satisfy all the Luc’s needs while on the road travelling Europe. This is awesome and super rad.
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BSD – In The Streets Of Moscow

BSD riders Alex Donnachie, Mike Taylor, Dan Paley, Luc Legrand and Liam Zingbergs spent month of July 2013 in Moscow, Russia to film for the last episode of the “In The Streets” series and came back with tons of really quality stuff. It is a heavy crew of riders we are talking about so you all know this is going to be madness. Seat back, relax and enjoy every second, cause I an sure you will.

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Antipodes – Trip To Australia By Team Sosh

Back in January 2013 Maxime Charveron, Matthias Dandois, Luc Legrand and Sam Partaix took an epic trip to Australia. They travelled all over the country hitting various amazing spots to film for this amazing video project, made by Hadrien Picard, Antipodes. We have seen quite some stuff from the trip already, but the final project is finally here and much better than expected. It is Monday and if the weather is as shitty as it is over here, I don’t see a reason why not watching it. Just seat back, relax and enjoy.
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Antipodes – World First “Antiloop”

I am really dying to see the final product of this Antipodes project, because I just know it is going to be crazy as fvck. Here is a special clip to tease you even more of Luc Legrand and Maxime Charveron trying to pull this, how they call it, Antiloop at this rad spot somewhere in New South Wales, Australia. Unfortunately Luc opened his skull and it was Maxime who managed to pull it.

Antipodes – Bonus Leftovers

This bonus leftover video from the Antipodes project is amazing. Back in January Matthias Dandois, Maxime Charveron and Luc Legrand took a trip to Australia to film for a video. Along the trip they met up with a lot of familiar faces like Broc Olive, Tom Stretton, Mick Bayzand and many other and here is a collection of footage from (not)all of them. Enjoy.
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Luc Legrand Bike Check

Luc Legrand BSD bike check

Jump over to the BSD web site to check out what Frenchman Luc Legrand is currently riding. His setup is black, green and red and if you want to find out what parts he is riding go the the page.

BSD – Luc LeGrand Edit

Luc LeGrand riding street and skatepark spots around the coast of Basque country in Northern Spain for his sponsor BSD, this time without pegs. Can you believe it? LeGrand is always searching for weird stuff to ride, big wallrides and massive gaps. Last 360 over the rail was insanity. Filmed and edited by Antoine Sabourin.
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Sosh – Antipodes Road Trip Trailer

Sosh présente le road-trip Antipodes by Ridesessions
Matthias Dandois, Maxime Charveron, Luc Legrand and skateboarder Sam Partaix took a three weeks long trip to Australia back in January 2013 where they try to enjoy and get the most out of the life down under. Hadrien Picard was with them standing behind the scene, filming all the best stuff for an upcoming video that will come for free with the next issue of the Soul BMX magazine. Here is the trailer and make sure you get yourself a copy of the mag, cause this will be one good watch.
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Etnies – Luc Legrand Edit

This new Etnies edit from their French rider Luc Legrand is so solid. Luc never disappoints, after seeing so much stuff from him already, he always comes out with something crazier than before. Big rails, gaps, barspin, tailwhip and long wallrides, Luc simply killed it. Enjoy.
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