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Rampfest Highlights

Rampfest Highlights from Daniel Rosenthal on Vimeo.

Australians are nots, you know that, right? Well here is all bunch of them going insane at the jam that went down at the Rampfest indoor skatepark in Melbourne, Australia. Featuring riding from Andrew Ahumada, Andrew Gul, Andy Buckworth, Daniel Rosenthal, Daniel Taylor, Dean Manson, Fuzz Burk, Harry Main, Jai Bradley, Jake Deering, Josh Mannion, Lee Kirkman, Luke Parker, Matt Whyatt, Nathan Philips, Nathan Tomsic and Shanon Farrugia.
Filmed and edited by Daniel Rosenthal.
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Focalpoint BMX – Croydon Spot


Focalpoint BMX has been riding and building this DIY spot for over a year now and it looks super fun to ride. Check out Daniel Johnson, Marnold, Jack Kelly, Cooper Brownlee, Luke Parker, Lachy Swanton, Eric Cuiper and Luke Vandenberg having plenty of fun at the Croydon spot.
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Colony – Luke Parker 2013 Edit

Luke Parker 2013 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Luke Parker has been really busy over the past six months stacking clips around Melbourne, Australia with help from Cooper Brownlee behind the lens and since he was recently added to the Colony team, it was just the right thing to do, to drop the edit in the name of the brand to say thanks. Almost four minutes of bangers and banger only. First half is street oriented and second is all about skatepark riding. This kid is incredibly good and has so much skills on the bike it gets ridiculous from clip to clip.
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Luke Parker On Colony

It was just yesterday when Colony dropped the news that Valvo will be riding no more for them and it is today when they are announcing, that Luke Parker is their newest addition to the team. They also sad, that the welcome to the team edit will be dropping soon, so stay tuned.

Into The City – Mixtape #1

I was really looking forward to these new web series from Focalpoint and Cooper Brownlee, that are entirely filmed in Melbourne, Australia, titled “Into The City.” The first mixtape has just dropped and it is incredible. Really well filmed and edited with a big amount of crazy good street moves from riders like Marnold, Cooper Brownlee, Jack Kelly, Daniel Johnson, Lachy Swanton, Luke Parker and others. I highly suggest you to hit play and check this one out.
When you are done with watching, there is a great photo gallery up on Focalpoint from filming this piece, worth taking a peek.
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One Session With Luke Parker

Luke Parker and Tom Brown decided to start filming for a new web edit, but since they got so much really crazy good footage in just one session at the Rampfest indoor skatepark, they threw together all the clips for this edit for Luke’s sponsors Fox and Failure. Triple tailwhips, superman tailwhips, flaris, flrontflips and much more. Hard to believe they really filmed all this in just one day. Must see.
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Game Of Bike

Chance Brejnakowski and Josh Matthews vs Luke Parker and Jacob Coyne in a Game of Bike at the GC Compound in Goldocast Australia. This game is ridiculously to watch and I totally disagree with the saying, “Nothing crazy but had a fun game that everyone enjoyed,” because there happened a lot of crazy stuff.
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Rainy Dayz With Luke Parker

Australian Failure rider Luke Parker came out with a fresh new park edit. He visited Queensland in hope to ride some dirt but he only managed to film a few clips at the outside park and that went to the GC Compound. The first half is a bit more chill but when Luke starts riding indoor the madness began.
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Fit Bikes – Luke Parker And Mugzy Andrews

Fit Bike Co – Luke Parker & Mugzy Andrews from Jack Kelly on Vimeo.

Jack Kelly filmed and edited this edit featuring Australian Fit Bikes riders Luke Parker and Mugzy Andrews. This guys have totally different styles what makes this split edit even more interesting. I am sure you will like it because it has tons of great tricks.