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Macneil Slipnot Pedals Out Now

Macneil’s new Slipnot plastic pedals are out now in five different colors, trans black, trans green, trans red, trans purple and clear. Read more info and get better pics by hitting this link.
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Macneil – 3 Days In Berlin Edit + Photos

Macneil riders Dillon Lloyd and Kevin Kiraly went, after this years Simple Session, on a trip to Berlin, Germany where they stayed for three days. Some bad weather and Dillon’s dislocated finger slowed them down a little bit, but they still managed to film some amazing clips. After you are done with watching check out some photo from the trip on this link.
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Macneil X Defgrip DefGrips

Macneil and Defgrip teamed up to produce the Defgrips (get a better view after the jump). To celebrate the release, Macneil made this edit documenting the day in the life of the grip in New York. Amazing promo, cause it’s not a classic one. Must see.
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Macneil – UK Team Bike Checks

Macneil UK team featuring Mike King, Vinny Mayne and Billy Cooper all put together some fresh new whips with some new Macneil parts. Check those beasts on Seventies’ site.

Macneil In Lyon, France

Macneil’s Europe tour is over and the first edit from it just dropped. One stop was Lyon, France where Kevin Kiraly and Dillon Lloyd met up with Fabien Dulong and the res of the Unleaded crew and above is the edit they managed to film. Expect more from it in the near future. There will also be an article in the Figure BMX magazine from this part of the trip in the next issue.
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Fabien Dulong Welcome To Macneil

Fabien Dulong will be representing Macneil in France through Unleaded BMX. You can see why he got a spot on the team in the above welcome edit that is packed with goodness. Also make sure to check Fabien’s team page on Macneil site.
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Macneil Borato V2 & Loden V2 Frames

Macneil put out the second version of their Borato and Loden frames. They have higher standover height, went back to the standard 1″ seat tube and are available in matte black, matte red and matte raw. For more info and photos visit Macneil site.

Kevin Kiraly Macneil Ad

This is actually Kevin Kiraly’s welcome to Macneil ad and of course Macneil’s latest print ad that is running in the May/June issue of Ride BMX. Big barspin from Kevin over this kinked rail. Check full ad after the jump.
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Macneil – 3 Days In Berlin

Dillon Lloyd, Maarten Knipp and Kevin Kiraly shred street spots in Berlin, Germany for three days. All three killed it with some super good riding. Filmed and edited by Björn “Bommel” Mager for 20Zoll.
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Macneil Long Beach Spot

Macneil rent a house in Long Beach for the next six weeks, where the whole team will be in and out and will have plenty of work with filming for the upcoming projects.