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Macneil/Veloplaneta – Sergei Gal

?????? ???? ??????? 2011 from kingsbikesnet on Vimeo.

Sergei Gal is riding for Macneil through Ukraine distribution Veloplaneta. He throws down a bunch of tricks and talks about his bike. I think a lot of us don’t understand a word but must say that the bike looks dialed.

Dillon Lloyd Macneil Ad

This is the latest Macneil ad featuring Dillon Lloyd which will be running the Ride mag. Expect a new edit from Dillon soon up on Props.
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Taylor Elvy Welcome To Macneil

Taylor Elvy – Welcome to the Team from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

Taylor Elvy is riding for Macneil now and here is the official welcome to the team edit. He’s been riding Macneil stuff for past few months and also went on a trip with the guys. Enjoy the edit and and watch out for the team page on their site.

Macneil – Custom Deuce Completes

“We are super excited to release a small run of custom complete Deuce’s. If you’re a super tall guy, you either ride a Deuce or have thought about riding one…. Well here’s your chance to pick up a numbered, limited edition Deuce complete. There are only ten available so get on it and order one. They will only be available through our web store. They are built up with all the best MacNeil parts in a all white color way with some gold pops and you can check out the full spec list in the store.”Macneil

The Brail Grind

This is also something new and it’s called the brail grind. I just spoted it over on Macneil site where they were running a contest to name this grind and here it is. You want to try it?

Macneil – Chris Martindale And Harrison Boyce

Chris and Harrison from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

“I was going through my hard drives when I came across these few clips of Chris and I from the Bellevue Skatepark outside of Seattle… Nothing crazy, but I thought I’d throw them together rather than letting them go to waste. Chris and I filmed eachother and it was one of the first times I shot with my steady cam, so the clips are a bit shaky… The music is ‘Send Me Your Love’ by Onra.”– Harrison Boyce, Macneil

MacNeil – Phoenix / Vegas Trip

MacNeil Phoenix / Vegas Tour from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

You need too seat back for 10 minutes because this video is great. MacNeil’s trip to Phoenix and Las Vegas featuring Dillon Lloyd, Travis Collier, Jaumell Capmbell, Greg Flag, Andrew Lazaruk and Harrison Boyce. Enjoy.

Macneil Product Catalog 2011

Check out this new Macneil catalog featuring all their new products for the year 2011. Lots and lots of stuff they have.
“We just uploaded our 2011 catalog to the much love/hated Issuu flipbook thing for everyone to check out! We had a great time working on the catalog, especially since it was our first full catalog in a few years and we are super excited on how it turned out. We were passing them out at interbike and most of our distro’s got some, but for those of you who haven’t been able to check it out we hope you enjoy it.
The catalog features all our new frames and parts that are arriving at our distributors now (or sometime really soon) and we will be updating the Products page of the site over the next few days with all the new stuff!”