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Macneil – Vancouver Island Getaway

Back in June Macneil riders Sam Lowe, Taylor Elvy and Greg Flag traveled to Vancouver Island for a week of shredding, spots searching, hanging out with locals and enjoying the life. There are tons of really good spots over there and all three pulled plenty of crazy good stunts. When you are done with watching make sure you check the photo gallery from their trip.
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Kevin Kiraly Macneil Ad

Kevin Kiraly is featured on Macneil’s latest print ad that can be found in the sixth issue of the Figure BMX magazine and is promoting the kit, the Versity frame, CKS forks, Tabarnak bars and Network wheels, Kiraly is using for pulling wild moves like this feeble grind to tailwhip out.

John Manaras Welcome To Macneil

John Manaras will be from on on officially representing the Macneil brand through the Ride On distribution, through which he also rides for Animal Bikes. John likes grinding rails, those small ones and those big ones, and is also no stranger to technical moves. The last rail is massive.
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Sam Lowe Macneil Ad

You are looking at Macneil’s newest print ad featuring Sam Lowe clearing this rail with an icepick to promote their Network hubs. This ad can be found in the July issue of the Ride BMX magazine. I hope something fresh from this guy drops in the near future.

Macneil Network Complete Wheels In Stock Now

Macneil’s Network hubs dropped in spring and now their Network complete wheels are also available, front and rear option. These are build using their popular Dubs rims that are laced to either front or rear Network hub. These come in a black rim laced up with black spokes to a black, polished, purple, or red front hub, or rear 9T cassette hub, RHD/LHD.

Antoine Nau Welcome To Macneil

Macneil and Unleaded are proud to introduce you their newest rider, Antoine Nau. I didn’t knew what to expect in his welcome to the team edit, because this dude can go big, tech, smooth, you name it. It turned out that it includes pretty much everything. So much good stuff, but the highlight was definitely the nollie tailwhip. Filmed around Toulouse, France by Florent Ferrari.
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Macneil – Taylor Elvy Connect Cranks Promo

Taylor Elvy putting Macneil’s new Connect cranks to test, with getting stuff done on the streets. Taylor nailed down a couple good ones and if you want to know more about these cranks, head over to their product page on Macneil and get all the informations you need.
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Macneil – Jeff Kocsis Spring 2013 Edit

I always get stoked when a new Jeff Kocsis edit drops and this new one he filmed for Macneil over the spring time is no exception. Jeff and his one of a kind style always came out amazing and are always so enjoyable to watch. Hope 2013 sees more from Jeff on the web.
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Macneil Calico V2 Frame In Stock Now

The Calico V2 frame is part of Macneil’s new frames and this one is mainly meant for all the tall guys out there, who still want a quick and responsive bike. It has a 21.5″ top tube, 8.9″ standover height and a really short, only 13.2″, chain stay. If this brief description isn’t enough, but you think, this could be your next frame, head over to Macneil and find more info on this frame.

Macneil Young Guns – Justin Hughes

Young gun and Dillon Lloyd’s “younger brother” Justin Hughes spent the winter at the Le Taz indoor skatepark and stacked some serious footage for his sponsor Macneil. This kid has style and amazing skills. The double peg to cranks arm to bar was a wild one. Must see. Filmed and edited by Vlad Poloukhine.
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