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New Macneil Network Hubs Now Available

The new Macneil Network front and read hubs are available now and to give you a proper introduction, they dropped a flipbook that shows everything you need to know about these. Check out what they come up with, with this new ones.

New Macneil Stems In Stock Now

The new Macneil Top Notch V2 and Cell V2 stems are in stock now. These are pretty much similar to the previous version, just that they have a little more material on them, to make them even stronger.

New Macneil Frames In Stock Now

Macneil just dropped the news that all their new frames are in stock now including the long awaited Kevin Kiraly’s signature Varsity frame. For further details on each and every frame, go and visit their web page.

Macneil – Greg Flag Goes To Space

Greg Flag was secretly filming clips for this new Macneil web edit that is now out and ready for you to watch. Greg has one of the smoothest 360 toothpick bonks over’s and pulled one of the raddest crank arm grind to crank arm grind. I am definitely watch this one for at least one more time.
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Chris Silva Macneil Ad

Chris Silva pulling one pretty much impossible wallride for Macneil’s latest print ad for the Ride BMX, issue 190, to promote their all new Connect cranks.
“We are really excited about these cranks and have been working on them for a while now. They feature a super strong box shaped arm with investment cast pedal and spindle bosses, attached to a beefy 22mm, 48 spline hollow spindle.”

Northern Embassy Seats Sneak Peek

Northern Embassy dropped a sneak peek of the seats they are working on in a collaboration with Macneil. This summer they will have two new seats available for you, fat and slim version and will come in black and leather look colorways. More info soon.

Adam Piatek Interview

After a banging web edit, 16 years old Adam Piatek now has an interview up on the Macneil site, where he talks about his favorite riders, his favorite park to ride, his current Kiraly whip and more.

Macneil – Adam Piatek Park Sessions

Macneil’s young shredder Adam Piatek brings out to the skateparks around the Vancouver, BC area his amazing bike control for this fresh new one to make Macneil proud (and everyone else). I won’t waist your time anymore, click play and be amazed. Filmed and edited by Pawel Podgorny.
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Macneil In Mexico

Macneil’s Greg Flag, Sam Lowe and Taylor Elvy are going on a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from April 1st till 8th and you can meet up with them on April 5th and 6th at CAÑO JAM II.

Sergey Gal’ Scraping 2012 Edit

Ukrainian Macneil rider through Kings Bikes Sergey Gal came out with an edit made out of his scrap footage from 2012. I actually wouldn’t call any of these clips a scrap clip, because there is plenty of heavy stuff in here. Enjoy.
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