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New Macneil Softgoods

Macneil just updated their Softgoods section with all their new products, including Barbed baseball jersey, Barbed pullover hoody, Macneil X Quintin snapbacks and cuff beanies. You can find all the stuff in their product section on their web site.

Ruben Alcantara Rubonics Rumix

Oh my goodness. Never expected this to drop. Joe Rich did a little remix using footage of Ruben Alcantara from the time when he was riding for Macneil. There is too much good stuff in here and even watching it today, when riding is pure madness, it still amazes me.
“Welcome to a blast from the past… Rewind 10 years, and we’ll be in the time frame of what you are about to watch. All of this stuff is so good, and even watching it now reminds me yet again that Ruben can, and always has, been able to do anything that he wants to. Most of the footage in this next edit went towards Ruben’s part in an old Macneil video Stew Johnson put together back in early 2004. At the time, I was just learning how to use Final Cut Pro, and Ruben was riding for Macneil. We were also room mates at the time. So for fun, Ruben gave me some of his footage to play around with during the early days of my thirst for editing. It was a great learning experience for me and I felt lucky to have had Ruben be so generous to me. This edit of course never saw the light of day until now. I figured, well… it’s been 10 years, so it certainly can’t harm anything. “Gimme Danger”, by Iggy and the Stooges was the music track of choice. And my little intro animation came from a photo I stole out of Ruben’s room on one of my early visits to Malaga. So yeah, that’s actually him doing the flip at the beginning. And yeah, I couldn’t even spell his name right either. Definitely a learning experience, ha ha. Enjoy. :)”– Joe Rich
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Macneil Young Guns – Jack Leonard

Macneil is introducing you a member of their younger team, Jack Leonard. Jack just recovered from a broken hand and already hit streets hard. He filmed this solid quick edit around the spots of his hometown of London, Ontario, right in time before the snow landed. Kid is good, real good. Enjoy.
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Andrew Lazaruk Off Macneil

Andrew Lazaruk was on the Macneil team for several years, but now with the new year they parted ways. Read below and check what Andrew has to say about it.
“Thanks a ton to everyone at MacNeil! It’s been an awesome time, from the trips to just just getting to meet and hang out with everybody involved. Definitely made some memories that will last a life time over the past couple years. I’m honored I had the chance to ride for and represent Canada’s only BMX company. All good things have to end though, so I’m excited for whatever may come next. Thanks again, best of luck in the future!”

Macneil – Fabien Dulong Edit

Click play and watch some smooth street riding from Macneil’s French rider through Unleaded, Fabien Dulong. Fabien grinds both sides, spins his bars both sides, like doing rail rides and tricks out and much more. Fabien killed it with this edit. Must see.
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Kevin Kiraly Macneil Ad

Take a peek at Macneil’s newest print ad, featuring Kevin Kiraly doing it for his signature Varsity frame, that should be out early 2013. Expect specifications and more photos to drop very soon. You will be seeing this ad in the 188th issue of Ride BMX.

New Macneil Products Available Soon

Macneil have a bunch of new products that will hit stores around the globe very soon. Click here and get the low down on their all new Nylist pedals (above), 9″ Tabarnak bars, V2 Lambo sprocket and V3 Light sprocket.

Macneil – Adam Piatek Fall Edit

15 year old Canadian shredder, who gets support from Macneil, Adam Piatek, just hit me up with his latest web edit, that he was working on over the fall. Most of the clips are filmed at skatepark, but Adam also gets some street shredding done. He has a really smooth style, know how to throw barspins and tailwhips bot direction and how to link tricks together. Enjoy.
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Dillon Lloyd Favorite Five Youtube Videos

Dillon Lloyd is one of those guys that are always showing you various edits, fun, crazy, wild, car related, etc., up on Youtube, if there’s a computer somewhere near. Macneil just posted up on their site Dillon’s current five best videos for you to check out.

Jeff Kocsis Macneil Ad

Jeff Kocsis hopping over a table for Macneil’s newest print ad for Ride BMX, issue 187. Find out more and get better pictures of Macneil’s Fashionably light pegs on this link.